Monday, September 23, 2013


I am sick again or rather I should say I have been infected with bacteria again. I am feeling feverish, been having headache for the past 2 days, have catarrh and i am coughing (and I have a massive chest pain when I cough). The most annoying part, I just swallowed a major macrolide, non drowsy anti histamine and artemisinin derived anti malarial like less than 3 weeks ago.

It is astonishing to me why I should start having these symptoms again. So I have come to the conclusion that my immune system is really wacked. I used to be proud of my system because I used to fall ill once in a while but now it seems I am falling ill too often lately. So in order to boost my immune system I have decided to take some necessary vitamins. I am now consuming 1g of vitamin c, 4 tabs of vitamin b-complex and 5mg of folic acid when I see it.

And to make matters worse, not only have started feeling palpitations again (probably due to stress) but the interns that usually help carry some of the work load are through with their internship or should I say technically through with their internship. I have a lot to say about the way things are run in my department but I won’t say anything. All I know is that if I am going to be in my unit for the next 3 weeks without 'the powers that think they be' sending help and the patient load continue being enormous, then heads and I mean HEADS would roll. And it won’t be my head and I would also be there with front roll tickets to see how the drama unfolds.

I work hard and I love working hard but that does not mean I should be worked like a donkey. I am human for God’s sake! How can you leave 2 pharmacists in an ‘out patient pharmacy’ and then have 4 pharmacists in a pharmacy that does not see one quarter of the patient load that is seen in the out patient pharmacy? It is ridiculous!

Right now I am in a 'no talking' mode. For those who don’t know, once I am in a quiet mode it means I no longer care. I am passionate and when I feel something I express it. Anger, love, happiness, joy, I express them in a diva way. If I am angry or hurt, I would let you know and if you keep ignoring me or act like I am a nuisance, one day I would snap and I would enter my quiet mode. It simply means I have totally written you off and I am waiting to either have my revenge or waiting for karma to kick your ass or i think you are not worth my time. And you all know that karma is a bitch, well, karma is a fierce bitch when defending me. That is why I try to be forgiving to people.

But this, I don’t know if I would forgive. Nobody should be this mean! And they should know better, they are older.

Well, that is all of my rambling for today. I have just taken a drowsy anti histamine tab and an analgesic tab, waiting for the anti histamine to kick and I am feeling too ill and discouraged to read so I decided to write. I have even consumed some comfort food. I know it might be not too cool but I need something to lift this mood away.

Thanks for reading. Have a beautiful week ahead.

Love ya,
Petite Diva

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