Tuesday, September 10, 2013


I wrote a piece on my experience with a certain shipping company and it was not a super glowing one. I was honest and apparently the 'powers that be' of the company were not pleased. Maybe they expected me to say what all others who reviewed the company said but I actually used them and did not just write what I read on the net.

I am pretty surprised with all what seems to be happening. Before I traveled, I was called and my ears were burning with all what I heard because I wrote my honest opinion. The thing is that I had seen a lot of reviews for products, good and bad but I don’t think people who wrote them are been disturbed just because they wrote a bad review of a product.

I made a mistake of saying I was going to write a review of the company on my blog on their site and apparently someone has bookmarked the post so that when someone comments on the post, there is a ready reply. I don’t know if that is what has happened but that is what I feel because things are just weird. I am sure I am wrong but I am getting a little bit tired of everything.

I think I reserve the right to write what happened and what I felt. They claim to have changed a lot of things and from the testimonials on their website, it seems so. What I don’t get is the cyber insults (or I feel that is what the statements made are) are for? I have had to now moderate my comments which mean I would be notified if any comment has been made and have the option of allowing it to be published.

I am a consumer not a competitor. I buy a lot of things online and when I go to the comment or testimonial page for the products I see lots of terrible reviews and good ones but I know the ultimate choice lies with me and I do what I feel is right. I have bought some great stuff that people thought were crap and vice versa. So dear management staff, my review would not prevent people from using your company if they want to. And concerning what I said about the charges, I would let you know that I used other companies at the same time I used your company so I do know what I am talking about. Instead of bugging about a bad review, work your butt off to make sure that all other reviews are good. That is what makes a great company.

I was going to use the company soon and give another honest review and since I had seen the new testimonials on  their site I was really hoping I would be able to give a glowing review and yap about them on social network pages but I don’t think I would. The top management staff has insinuated that I am using the company’s name to get more traffic. Like I really care about traffic on my blog! So I won’t be mentioning any company’s name again.

Oh well, I guess it is only in Nigeria you can't give your honest review because you would be called a bad belle (bad person). I can see why Emmy Collins is getting a load of insults thrown his way. However this is my blog and the opinions I write are mine, you can either disagree or agree with them.

That is all for today guys. Thanks for reading.

Luv ya,
Petite Diva.

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