Wednesday, December 26, 2012


So today is boxing day (December 26) and I decided to go to the movies and watch the much hyped about twilight saga: Breaking dawn part 2. This would be the first twilight movie I have watched. I completely fell in love with the kick ass final fight scene.

Anyways I decided to wear a backless long top with long leggings. The gold and black top was loose at the upper part but the lower part was tight (I don’t know the name for the design). I also did a vintage or pin up look make-up in which my face was somewhat flawless (used a bit of foundation), my eyes were less dramatic and I had fire engine red lipstick. I looked great (if I do say so but the problem I had with the top was that it was not as long as I would like.

I like wearing long tops that cover my butt cheeks. This one covered my butt cheeks when I pulled it down but it would always ride up and didn’t completely cover the butt cheeks. I felt a little bit uncomfortable and kept pulling it down. However when I stepped into the cinemas I noticed that some girls wore tops that didn’t even reach half of the butt cheeks and I just marveled at the fact that I was uncomfortable with a top that covered 90% of my cheeks and here were girls going about with their ‘short’ tops.

However I realized that my style is different. I am just not like everyone. I tend to jazz up my style to suit me. I hate to follow the crowd even when the fashion trend in vogue is great (which is why I don’t have a jeggings till date and have a leggings. Leggings are practical and have been around for a long time, heck I have been wearing leggings since I was a kid!). Fashion fades but style, my friends lasts. I like taking pieces that are cool and making them my own. For instance, I wore a long tube top with the backless loose top. I couldn’t just wear it like that. I ain’t that wild (even though i have my moments).

I don’t exactly know how to classify my style because I think I am mixture of different styles. I think I have a mixture of a 'prude' and ‘slutty’ attitude to clothes. I want to go out of the box at times but not too out of it, so I then to take pieces that may have been slutty on someone else and make it classy. I think my taste in style would be a little bit of vintage, classic, chic, professional (when necessary), risky and been comfortable. If I am not comfortable in it, I won’t be able to rock the dress.

I wear what I like and try to wear what is appropriate based on the clothes I can afford to buy and find due to my unique size (I am a beautiful US size 2 and a UK size 4). Yes, I make some fashion blunders/mistakes but I am human and still trying to find pieces that fit me. I would love to learn how to sew, I might not sew my clothes but at least I would be able to adjust my ready-made or tailored sewn clothes to my taste. I am sure those who know me might think that my style needs upgrading but I guess if I am good with how I dress then it doesn’t matter. My style is uniquely mine and if I look good 25 days out of 30 days in month, then I ain't doing things that bad.

Oh! By the way, I think i need to tone down what I say about my personal life. I know y’all want to hear about me and the boys….lol but since I have placed an embargo on boys for now all ya gonna hear or read is about me having fun. And i just think i need to be mysterious for a while.

I gotta run guys, hope you enjoyed today’s read. Hope i wasn't too boring for y'all?

Luv ya,
Petite Diva.

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