Saturday, December 15, 2012


Hey guys, I know you all might have been wondering where i have been for the past few days. Well, apart from the practically non-existent internet provider that I have, I have been crazily watching the series ‘army wives’.

I just have to say this; I am madly in love with the series. I got the 5 seasons, the pirated version (yes! I know it was bad but that was the version I could afford. I however need to get the original version because they are so many episodes that were not included in the pirated versions).

I can’t wait to watch all the episodes that I have missed and watch the sixth season. When I browsed on it, I discovered that they are planning to kill Claudia Joy which is saddening but I learnt that the actress acting that role has some serious personal issues. I hope she is able to overcome her challenges.

Anywhoo I still love the series. I was really sad when Jeremy Sherwood died but I had to look at the bigger picture. The bigger picture being that military men and women are at risk every day and some would die. They just showed what has happened in some homes. I remember when my ‘navy’ ex was really distraught when his senior colleague died while on sea patrol. The boat capsized and the guy drowned. His wife was pregnant with their second kid, i can't begin to imagine what she is passing through. The most disturbing part for him was the fact that he had just been on that same boat about 2 weeks before the incident. I was going crazy with worry about his mindset but after about 5 hours later, he was fine. He had come to the fact that these things happen and he had no choice but to move on.

Army wives gave me an insight into the way the spouses of military men live, maybe Nigerian military spouses might not have the same exciting lifestyle but they share the same emotions: Fear, faith, loneliness, worry and strength. Fear that their spouses might not come home, Having faith that all would be well, loneliness when their spouses are away, worry that something can go wrong and strength in facing each day and its challenges. And there is also the fact that you might turn to an unofficial military officer. These military men don’t know how to draw the line sometimes, folks that have been married or dated a military personnel would know what I mean. Oh! i forgot having to move around, a looooooot!

Watching ‘Army wives’  reminded me of my navy ex, I looked back and thought about all that I endured and asked myself if I had a chance to do things all over again would i still do it. The answer is YES! I would do it all over again in a heartbeat! I don’t know if it is about being a ‘navy groupie’ (I doubt that…..*smiling). I feel it is about all that I had to go through. The emotions I had, the fear, faith, worry, strength and yes, the loneliness. All that made life interesting, I know it is might sound strange to people but I am glad I had the chance to date him. I have regretted a couple of my past relationships but I refuse to regret this one because I came out stronger and I am so glad to have been a 'divalicious' member of the Navy WAG(wives and girlfriend) group (imagine if i had been a member of NOWA...Naval Officers Wives' association, they wouldn't know what hit However I am excited for what lies ahead in my future and grateful for my past.

So right now I am trying to save up to order all the seasons of ‘Army wives’ and ‘Lois and Clark: The adventures of Superman’ online. It is going to cost me about 400 dollars (I know you all think I am crazy but hey, I am in love with both series so don’t hate me). My favorite characters in army wives are ‘Chase and Pamela Moran’, they are so adorable. I like the strong character of Pamela and the ruggedness of Chase and the best part of their love story was getting married again after their divorce.......#lovesicksighing

Well I gotta go, I am on call and I want to watch more episodes of ‘army wives’( I finally have an excuse for staying up late watching it, I have been sleeping at 1am on workdays watching it……*coveringmyeyes)

Luv ya,
Petite Diva.

P.S: I really need to write a post about a guy at my work place that didn’t bury his father for almost 10months because he didn’t have the money for an elaborate burial ceremony.Can you Imagine that?

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