Sunday, December 23, 2012


I guess that is a funny question to you guys but I am seriously thinking of whether I need it or not. I went to the cinemas to watch ‘Sparkle’ by Jordin Sparks and Whitney Houston (wasn’t that interested in it but loved the make-up and clothes), then went to see a friend. On my way back, I looked at the wonderful Christmas lights and decorations on the street and I didn’t want to come home.

I wanted to drive around Uyo town, marvel in the beauty of the lights and take pictures( Uyo is a sight to behold at these time. Some parts of Lagos would also be a sight to behold right now but i don't live in those areas so i would never have gotten to see the full beauty of the decorations at night.) Then after the drive go to an outdoor restaurant and eat a wonderful meal and have a great desert like chocolate cake with insanely divine ice cream. After the meal, I would love to take a quiet stroll anywhere but preferably in a garden/ by a lake then go to a lovely hotel room/suite and have a beautiful night rest.

After the thought came to my mind, I had to ask myself if I was for real. I need to start thinking like a Nigerian. I think my head is in the clouds or somewhere. I noticed that this is not the only kind of outrageous or should I say ‘un nigerian’ fantasy or dream I have thought about lately. I noticed a beautiful expanse of land along Udo Udoma road in Uyo and all I could think of was ‘it was a perfect place for a picnic’. I wished I had a car to just pack some food, take a camera and a mp3 player for music and just go there to relax. I know that it would be nice for friends to be around too but I don’t think too many Nigerians are interested in picnics so they would probably refuse.

I am really a peculiar girl. My dream dates are dinner dates in a restaurant (a restaurant people, not a fast food joint, I mean a place where they serve a 3 course meal), movie date (after eating out), picnic dates, going to the beach or a new place/museum and taking strolls. I love dancing but I hate night clubs so I would never be impressed if I am taken to a club. I don’t drink (or that should state that I can’t drink) so going to a loud joint ain’t my thing but if you can find a cool bar with clean air and less noise then I am down for that but you are not allowed to get drunk on me and act a fool.

I guess I am reaching for the skies here but that is who I am, no apologies. So since I cannot go to a 5 star hotel suite now I would settle for my room and dream (I am allowed to do that right? What can I say, I am a dreamer. *shrugging. 

Wait a minute! Do Nigerian Guys take their girlfriends/wives on dinner dates? 'Cos the guys i have dated didn't so i assumed that Nigerian men didn't go out on dinner dates

Oh! Before I forget; Merry Christmas Folks. I pray that the reason for the season comes into your homes and hearts and fills you with everlasting joy. Have a blessed holiday. I would try to write something on Christmas day as I am going to be on call that day but I never know what could happen with the internet service provider I have. Till then, Happy Holidays guys!

Petite Diva.

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