Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Okay folks, I know you have been wondering where I have been for the past one month or so. Well I was in Las gidi aka Lagos. Actually the week before then I had gone to Calabar, Cross rivers for a scientific conference and I had a swell time (would be posting pictures soon).

I was on leave for a month and I went home (Lagos), it felt so good to be back home. I had not been home for almost 6 months and I really did miss home and my family. However, while I was at home my laptop crashed and my relationship with babes seemed to be going nowhere. For those who don’t know about Lagos, Lagos is the economic capital city of Nigeria. That means that you can get anything in Lagos and the best part is that most things are usually cheaper in Lagos than anywhere in Nigeria. With that noted and considering the state I am presently residing in, I went super shopping crazy.

I have decided that I would write this entry in a comparison way, which means I would state the good and bad of my little adventures. I hope you enjoy.

Laptop Crash

The Good

My laptop crashing was an annoying setback to me. While I could have repaired it in Lagos, I didn’t know anybody I could trust and I am a bit skeptical of giving people my laptop considering all the reports I have heard of people coping their files (not like I have any nude pictures on my laptop but I want my crazy worthless files to be mine alone).
However by it crashing and me not repairing it in Lagos, I came back to Akwa Ibom and gave it to a wonderful guy that changed my operating system to a windows 7 and also uploaded films, games and the best part, a reference book called “martindale” that I was wondering how I would ever get it. Because he knew I was a pharmacist and he was used to dealing with pharmacists he put it on my system for me. I was so delighted and touched and that made the laptop crash a good thing after all. *smiling…….

The Bad

I couldn’t update you guys on my escapades and I just remembered I didn’t take any pictures to show you guys. What a major mess up!

Shopping till I dropped
The Good

I literally shopped till I dropped actually it should be shopped till all the money I had left was transport fare and feeding money for a few weeks. Everything was super cheap and I compared the prices here in Akwa ibom and Lagos and just knew I had to buy a lot of things so I don’t need to buy anything here. The good part of buying things in bulk was that I ended up saving lots, lots, lots of money since things here are practically too expensive. I guess that is been financial savvy. I loved every bit of my shopping. I loved getting good bargains for wonderful items that I needed. I guess I am a bit of a shopaholic.

The Bad

I was super, super broke that I couldn’t afford any excesses. My mother paid for the cab that took me to the park and helped me take my bags to the cargo service. Then I had too much load that I was weary of carrying them. My mum actually laughed at me and complained that I had too much load. She said I was going to get billed a lot (surprisingly I wasn’t billed that much). I also wondered how I would carry the load to where I could get a vehicle but in the end God took care of everything. So it wasn’t that bad.

Relationship Crash
The Good

Babes and I had been having issues for a while but I guess going home made me realize that we really needed to work on the relationship. When I came back, I thought we would see and talk but his work and attitude decided that we couldn’t see, I just flipped and quit the whole thing. Someone said something that day, ‘sometimes some hardships or challenges have to happen for you to get great outcomes’ (paraphrased).

Basically he was talking about some challenges causing you to let go of things that were problems for you so that you can get greater things. He was actually talking about a senior colleague’s brand new car. The good part of the break up, at least when I am doing things alone I know that I am without a boyfriend. And when I am calling or initiating a chat, that he doesn’t need to answer and I am fine with that. And also now I am free to do whatever I please, my time is my time.

The Bad:
I miss him a lot. I am sad that it didn’t work out. I guess you can’t change a person, you either cope with it or move on. He can only change himself. I don’t know if it is the military that seems to make him worse than when he was in school or his past with other females or it is just who he is but I just wish things had worked out. However I trust God to do what is best for me. I am determined not to think it is my fault but just the way things have to be for now.

Well, that is all folks. I am sorry it is super long but hey it is a recap of more than 30 days.

Hopefully I would post a shorter write up tomorrow. I am back to work so I hope I won’t be too tired.

Love ya guys and missed you a lot,
Petite Diva

P.S: I am 5 months post relaxer (for my hair) and planning on chopping the remaining relaxed hair on my head this weekend. I am excited and anxious. Hopefully I would be able to have the long healthy hair that I desire. Wish me luck folks.

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  1. If u wanted him to change... then he also has a right to also want u to change... there is nothing like a free lunch. No full grown man wants to change because of a girl, so the compromise that so many of us make is this - if the girl wants me to change then she must also be willing to make changes also... Remember that... NO FULL GROWN MAN WANTS TO CHANGE BECAUSE OF A GIRL... the only way is to offer him something in return!!!


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