Monday, October 15, 2012


I am on call and absolutely don’t feel like being here. I want to be at home watching my ‘the adventures of superman’ series, eating cake and drinking a tall mug of hot milo aka choco since it has been raining tigers and lions for most of the day and night.

I could barely sleep because of the rains. It was terrifying and too noisy. Just thought of when I have kids and that kind of rain happens we would all be running under the cover or hugging the husband tightly…….lol.

I happened to watch the clip of Stephanie Okereke’s Wedding on you tube (yeah, I know, it is stale) and I was so jealous. I absolutely loved her make-up. It was simple and classy. She was practically glowing. I am so on a mission to discover how to get that look. You tube/ make-up videos, here I come. The palace was hmmmm..... too beautiful and fairytale like. I wonder how much it cost to have an event there. Not a fan of her dress though but so in love with her veil. Anyways, I wish her all the best with this marriage and hope they spend many, many beautiful and fruitful years together.

So I am currently at the inpatient pharmacy which is located in the pediatric building. It is disheartening to see babies sick, helpless and in pains. Earlier today I got a feeling that a very young baby passed on. The baby’s mum was causing such a scene. I really felt sad for her. I couldn’t understand what she was saying as she was speaking in Ibibio but she mentioned something about getting a vein to set up the infusion line. Don’t know what the problem was or what it had been.

Sometimes I wonder how the doctors feel when they are trying to save a life and the person still passes on. Do they think that they could have done things differently and the person would still be alive? How do they feel when the relative of the person blames them for the death of the patient? I guess after years of experience they learn to deal with it in their own way and understand that they are not God and also understand that the relatives are grieving.

I think I should probably watch a movie and record drugs dispensed. I really hope it would be a calm night especially in the labor ward. It never cease to amaze me why most women give birth in the night.

Till my next write up, have a lovely week ahead.
Luv ya,
Petite Diva

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