Saturday, October 20, 2012


Yep! I think it is time for me to step out of my comfort zone and set some challenges for myself. While surfing the net on how to grow my hair, I saw that some people would set challenges like a '6 month roller set' challenge in which people would agree to roller set their hair every week for six months and they post the 'before and after' pictures and probably win a prize.

That got me thinking, why not set challenges for myself in some aspects of my life? And see how far I can stretch myself. I figured if I can do all my challenges say 90% completely, it might become a part of me and I would definitely be better for it.

So here are my challenges:

None of ya business! That is between God and I but I intend doing something extra every day for the next 6 months. I really hope and pray that I am granted the grace to follow through with my challenge. I really want to follow through 100% because I know that once my spiritual life is on a greater level everything else would fall into place.

So I have cut my hair and have been on a quest to grow healthy hair. One way to grow healthy hair is to do protective styling. I was going to do lots of weaves but when I loosened my last weave I saw that my hair was thinning in a place that usually had hair. I remembered that braids usually helped me retain length but the issue with single braids is the weak hair at my hairline that it cuts.

The hair at my hairline is so weak/thin and right now so scanty. However I figured I could do Ghana weaving/cornrows in front and single braids at the back but Ghana weaving also cuts my hair at the hairline. In Lagos, my hair stylist used to leave some of my hair at the hairline and start the cornrows about 1cm from my hairline and that used to help with the hair at my hairline to stay put. So I figured I would get whoever is doing my hair to do that and I might not experience so much breakage and shedding.

With all that said I am on a 6 months braiding challenge. Every time I loosen the braid I intend to put a protein treatment to prevent breakage, deep condition, pre poo, moisturize and seal for a week before I do another braid. I would try to take pictures to document my progress.

For the next six months I intend to stop all buying of any expensive or unnecessary stuff. I intend to save at least 70% of my salary (that is after I have bought my laptop and my paid times...yay!). I really need massive grace to follow through with this one because I am not just that disciplined. However I need to try and do it because I have got too much dreams to achieve and I need to stop thinking about myself for a while.

I would soon start my fellowship program and I realized that I have not been reading a lot lately. So I have decided to dedicate at least 1 hour everyday to read my books. 1 hour might seem small but once I get used to it, I hope I would be able to increase the time.

I really need to work on myself so that I am a better person. I know it is only God that can give me the grace to be a better human being. To help me achieve this goal, I intend buying and reading books that would help me grow as an individual. I really need to find myself. I would like to read at least for 1 hour everyday for the next month.

I plan on eating at least 3 times a day with snacking time included and also to take my multivitamins everyday so that I can gain a bit of weight and have a healthy body.

So there you go guys, my challenges for the next 6 months. I leave everything in the hands of God and I would continue to ask for the grace and determination to carry through all my challenges. I really hope that all that I desire he helps me with so that I can do things t hat would give him the glory. Do you any challenges that you might want to embark on? Why not start with me and we can grow and encourage each other.

That is all for now folks. I hope you all have a beautiful week ahead.
Luv ya,
Petite Diva.

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