Sunday, October 14, 2012


I have been so uninspired lately. I switch on my computer and can’t think of anything to write. I have been so lazy about my blog lately. I am really amazed that you guys keep checking up on my blog.

Lately I have been crappy (PMS things) so I really don’t have anything to write about. I have been checking out a lot of you tube videos on how to prevent my hair from breaking and I gotta say I didn’t know that black hair required so much work and nutrients/moisture/products. No wonder my relaxed hair never grew!

I was so lazy with my hair. I would practically go for over 4 weeks without washing it. I was using a lot of products that were harmful to my hair. Anyways, now I know better. If I was to relax my hair again, I would do things differently. However I don’t think I would relax my hair anytime soon. I would probably relax my hair when I know I can self relax it. Watching the videos made me realize that a lot of Nigerian hair stylists are the reason why most Nigerians don’t have long hair. They simply lack the skills to take care of black hair. Most of them should just stick to braiding.

With what I have learned I feel like I should open a beauty school and teach them how to take care of black hair or even open a salon …..hmmmm is that a money making idea? Dunno… Hopefully applying all I have learned to my hair would help my hair grow then maybe I can give classes to people on how to grow their hair in our environment with what is readily available because some of the products used in the videos are not readily available here. I was tempted to buy some stuff online but I need to see if what we have here would work first before I order anything online.

Well, that is all folks. I need to prepare for work tomorrow, I am on call (*wailing…… ). I am on call twice this week, Monday and Friday (*mega wailing)….lol.

Luv ya guys,

Petite Diva.

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