Friday, October 19, 2012


Hp 635

Compaq cq57

Arggggggghhhhhhhh!!! I need a new laptop! I am literally fed up with my laptop. The thing has been giving me serious issues lately. I had been managing the thing for a while but now I am through with it. I feel like throwing it away. I might just get really mad and buy a new one next week. And give this one to my mum so that she can play games and probably surf the net when she buys a modem.

However the issue is that I don’t know what kind of laptop to get. My budget however for a laptop (should that be budget or something else? I dunno) is 70k. I ain’t going above that amount. No sire, I am not willing to spend more than that on an electronic device. Yep! I know what you all are thinking but this gal is technologically backward and she likes it like that.

What I do know is that I want a 15.6 inch screen, I want a big screen. I ain’t getting any mini computer because it is more convenient to carry. I would carry my biiigggg computer like that, thank you! I want a computer that has a long battery life lasting for more than 4 hours when there is no light. I want a computer that I can watch cds/dvds.
I want a laptop with 3 or more USB ports and a memory card reader. I want a cute laptop too cos you know the diva’s new laptop has got to say ‘FABULOUSITY’. Above all, the laptop has got to last for more than 4 years (this one was 4 in July so the new one has got to beat it). You’all can say what you want to say but that is what I want.

I tried browsing on laptops based on the things that I want and I think HP 635 seems like a good laptop. I know there are other brands of laptop but the one I am presently using is a HP computer so I guess I am kinda of loyal to the brand. I was recently told about Compaq cq57 but I don’t like Compaq.

Do you guys know a better type that I can get based on my specifications? I would love to get some ideas from you and then I can compare the brands/types and get a great laptop soonest (not soon but soonest). This thing is super annoying. I wanted to get the laptop later, after I had gotten a fridge and generator but I can do without those. However I can’t do without my laptop. How would I entertain you guys with all my adventures?…….lol.

Well, that is all for now guys. Hope I get some great suggestions from you.
Luv ya,.
Petite Diva

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