Monday, January 16, 2012


I know you have all been waiting for this. I had to fully calm down and get past my hurt and anger so that I can write a constructive entry. I am not saying I am fully there but at least the hurt is over and done with, what remains is anger/hatred and a burning desire to get even. To inflict just a little pain, okay scratch that a LOT of pain and make him know just how that emotion feels like. I would try not to allow my emotions get into the way but it is going to be very hard for me. It is going to be a very long write and read so I have decided to split the story into three parts so that I don’t get tired of writing and you guys don’t get bored of reading.

Just a bit of warning guys, please when you notice that the venom is spitting out just go with the flow. It might be a bit necessary for me so that I can actually describe how I felt. And the ex boyfriend get scared because I am going to say every little damn thing.

Here it goes guys, I actually just took a deep breath cos it has been a long time since I allowed myself to think about the events of that day. So as you all know I broke up with my last boyfriend around Christmas period. What you guys don’t know is the exact date. It was December 26, boxing day. While people were opening gifts I was opening the page that just showed what an unfaithful boyfriend I had.

I remember I told you that I discovered that the boyfriend before this last one was cheating on me through his text messages. After an issue with phones with this last ex, I made up my mind never to touch his phone. The day before the 26th he used my phone to check his facebook page, no problem right? Well he slipped up doing that because he didn’t log out. I opened my facebook bookmark the next day and was very surprised to see that I had a lot of inbox messages; I didn’t check the front page to realize that it was not my page. As I scrolled down the messages I realized it was his own after I saw a thread from his supposedly ex girlfriend who I later discovered that he had been dating while dating me and also a thread from me.

I couldn’t resist open the thread from his girlfriend, I would have said ex before but we all know she is his current girlfriend. That is when I saw that the so called boyfriend who claimed to have never loved anybody, that I was his first true love (a part of his lying, scheming package) had slept with her i.e. had sex when he went home.

I was stunned but not so much. Why? When he arrived back from his station, I felt in my spirit that something was wrong. I couldn’t sleep that night because I knew he was different. Before I read the messages I was actually waiting for him to slip up and call me another girl’s name. I knew he had slept with someone I just didn’t think it was her.

Did I confront him with what I knew? Yes. What was his first reaction and questions? Did he apologize? What was my reaction? Did he try to redeem himself? All these questions would be answered tomorrow. Right now I am beginning to get angry and think I need to meditate so that I can think clearly.

I have to go. See ya tomorrow.
Petite Diva.

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  1. so sorry, Diva. i hope u are really much better? *tight hug


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