Monday, January 16, 2012


Hey guys, today at last!....the strike was called off and fuel sells at 97 naira. I have a lot to say about that but I would do that later. For now, let’s get on with the second part of my Boxing Day drama.

Where was i? Oh yes! Confronting him with what I had discovered. When he arrived and laid down on my bed, I asked him when last he saw the girl. He became uncomfortable. And then I said ‘you made a very big mistake opening your facebook page on my phone’. And the first thing he did was to grab my phone but I told that I had logged out. I told him that I had seen the messages and he couldn’t speak for a while. He was probably trying to think of a lie to say but I was in no mood to listen to anymore lies. I had had enough of it. He knew his game was up. He gave a seriously, ridiculous weak apology but you know when you keep hearing the words ‘I am sorry’ and the person never changes it kinda of sounds very lame and stupid.

I was so angry that I was swearing. The real words that came to my mind were not uttered by me. You know the words…..LYING, CHEATING SON OF A BITCH. However because I love my mother and wouldn’t want a girl that if my brother happens to mess up with to insult her, I refrained from using those words. His mother had nothing to do with his unfaithfulness. I really wished I could insult the living daylight out of him or slap him so hard that his head would spin 360 degrees.

His excuses…I got carried away with hormones, I was her ‘first’ so I couldn’t quite break up with and some other bullshit excuses that I am not interested in writing. Me, I am wondering if you knew that you are chained to this girl/she has you by the balls why start up something with me? Why lie? If you are just looking to get laid, you should have said it from the beginning. You didn’t have to lie throughout the relationship. I can imagine the lies he told her when he couldn’t pick up the phone when I was around. I actually remember one ‘I can’t really talk right now, I have dental issues’.

I immediately told him we are true and I don’t forgive him. He said that I should learn how to forgive him. He asked me that if it was my next boyfriend that had the big indiscretion, would I forgive him. My answer…yes but you, I can’t. He was so concerned about me not hating him than how I felt!

I should have known that he was lying to me; a pastor once said that if your partner is lying for you then you should be rest assured that he is lying to you. I guess in my defense I was so stupidly in love that I couldn’t see the signs. Or maybe I could but I was so stubborn and trying to make it work. How foolish of me!

I am such a na├»ve girl, I act like a child sometimes which is why I always try to believe that everybody is just as good as I am (okay people…. I may not be that good but I try….lol) so I have tried not to hate people. But I am telling you for the first time, I have felt hatred for a human being…him. If someone had given me a gun when I was at the peak of my hating phase, I would have shot him point blank. And still put more bullets in his body. I know a lot of you guys would be shocked but that is the way I felt.

So how have I been since? What do I regret doing after the confrontation? What did I learn from the relationship and the break up? I would try to answer the questions when next I write. I don’t know how soon that would be considering that work start tomorrow but I would really try my best to write as soon as possible.

I gotta go peeps. Hope I didn’t sound like a bitter woman (but sometimes it is necessary to let it all out before it destroys you).

Luv ya,
Petite Diva.

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