Saturday, January 14, 2012


It is day 5(13/12) of Occupy Nigeria protest and the strike in Nigeria. For those of you that don’t know what occupy Nigeria is all about, let me inform you a bit. It is a movement against corruption in Nigeria.

I have not been able to say anything about it because of reasons you all know but it is time for the petite diva to speak her mind. All I say is what I feel, I don’t know a lot but I speak from my heart and brain.

On the first of January 2012, my able president decided that Nigerians’ new year present should be the removal of subsidy and thereby causing an increase in fuel prices and subsequently every other thing. I have heard the benefits of removing the fuel subsidy and I quite agree it is a good thing. What, however I don’t agree with is the timing. How can you remove the subsidy of fuel when there is no alternative to it? Most of the vehicles in Nigeria are run with fuel, every home has a generator that uses fuel practically every day because there is practically no light (as I write, I have not had light for the past 60 hours) and every small business uses fuel to survive. Even with the former price, people were really complaining.

Nigerians are great people, we are always managing but enough is enough. Recently it was said that the budget for my president’s feeding for this year is almost 1 billion naira and I am seriously wondering if his food is laced with gold. Really how can you eat food of that amount? Is he feeding an entire country?

People are tired, really tired. The government is claiming that they would use the money they save from the subsidy removal for roads, refineries, blah, blah and blah. Personally I think it is all a load of BULLSHIT. How can you say you would do that when your cost of governance is super expensive?

I am pretty sure that they are really regretting removing the subsidy because they never thought that Nigerians would revolt. We are always suffering and smile. I am sure they are shocked at the reaction. Jonathan and his people are really looking like tyrants.

However in everything we should see the good part, with their big mistake Nigerians now know all their evil doings. How can my senate president earn much more than the American president? I don’t get them. The latest I saw was that my president who said we should bear with the subsidy removal has budgeted over 300,000 naira for laptops and desktops. What! He budgeted 263 million for cutleries. Okay people forgive me for this, but what the fuck is he doing? I have tried to understand the government but I can’t.

Then that stupid, useless NTA that are so biased can’t show the protests because of the fact that they are inside the governments’ pocket. God is our helper!

The solution in my opinion is:
1. Cut all the federal executives and lawmakers’ salary and allowances by 70%. All that unnecessary spending or money must stop! IMMEDIATELY!!
2. Return the fuel price to 65 naira.
3. Use the saved money from their allowances and salaries to repair the refineries, power reforms and improve transport situation by providing trains.
4. Be transparent in all their dealings and kick corruption.

I know that my own solution might not be spectacular but it is what with my little knowledge I feel should be done.

Now the latest news that is circulating around is that there is even no subsidy on fuel. It is just tax that they want us to pay for so that they can finance their greed. I really hope that is not true because if it is, I see a lot of big men dying this year. The vision I see is not nice.

I am begging my president to be smart and honest because he might come out of Aso rock in a coffin. I am praying that it won’t happen.

In all things we should give thanks. I just read an article that said the Christian protesters in Kano stood guard while the Muslim protesters prayed last Friday and vice versa on the following Sunday. That was heartwarming considering the book haram threat that we are facing right now. So I give thanks for the unity that this is bringing.

God bless Nigeria. We would overcome by God’s Grace.

I have to go. Till I write again, #Occupy Nigeria!
Much Love,
Political Petite Diva.

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