Friday, January 20, 2012


Welcome folks to the petite diva's channel. You would all be viewing the final episode of the cheating, lying ex boyfriend show. Get your popcorns and sodas out because it is really going to be interesting. Lol…..i am such a crazy person. My intro is just me kidding around.

I can’t wait to write this entry and be done with it. I think I have spent too much time on it and it is time to move on to some more exciting things in my life. So here goes, guys the last write up of the whole saga.

How did I feel after the whole break up? Horrible, I felt horrible. I spent days soaking up my ‘paloma’ tissues which I shouldn’t have done but it was necessary as I let everything out and communicated more with God.

How have I coped since? I am fine for now but it has taken extreme grace for me to be here. I went through some pretty crazy emotions but I am coping just fine. I am moving forward each day. I thought about not writing about but I am glad I did. I feel better and I hope I have entertained and shocked you guys a bit. I know now that the breakup was meant to be. There were too many things that were wrong with the relationship. We were going to end up at a brick wall sooner or later. It was just unfortunate that it had to end that way.

What do I regret doing after the confrontation? I regret breaking up with him. Hey…before you all get it twisted, hold on. I regret breaking up with him because I didn’t have the opportunity to get revenge. I really wish I had not been my normal, good and scared self. I should have gotten even and then kicked him to the curb. I should have said that I had forgiven him, acted like nothing happened and continued with the relationship. Then I should have started dating someone else without letting him know. Make him plan elaborately for Valentine’s Day and travel to meet me. Then have him meet me and my new date and give him the breaking news. Can you guess what it would have been? Yep! You are right folks. WE ARE THROUGH!

Men! That would hurt him down to the soul. It might not have been because of the embarrassment (I feel he is unemotional available and can never feel hurt or embarrassment because of that) but it would be because he had spent so much money for nothing. He doesn’t enjoy spending money for what he calls ‘unnecessary things’ and that would have been classified as unnecessary. What do you guys think? Would that have made us even? I don’t know if it would have but I do know I would have been happy that I carried out the plan and gotten revenge. Oh well, I didn’t think of that at that time and that is that!

I learnt that no matter how you try, you can’t force a duck to be a swan. It would always remain true to itself. Expecting him to be faithful or to acknowledge me in his life was forcing him to be who he was not. I have learnt that we all have our faults and if you can’t accept it in a partner then you shouldn’t be with that person. All I want is for someone to accept me as I am and for me to accept him as he is. For us to know that our defaults are less important than the person.

So you see folks, that everything happens for a reason. God is always in control. So now, I am single and proud. It has been a while since I have been single and I am beginning to enjoy it. I am not interested in any exclusive dating but I am interested in going out on dates and just having fun. I want to use this opportunity to learn more about me, take more risks and gain more spiritual and financial knowledge. I want to do all I had plan to do for years. What? That is for you all to know later.

I gotta go. Hope you loved the entry.
See ya soon,
Luv, Petite Diva.

P.S: A shout out to Pharm Mandu Smith who gave birth to a bouncing, beautiful baby boy yesterday. He is going to be such a blessing to your family. Congratulations.

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