Saturday, May 2, 2015


Presenting the latest royal baby....A Princess
For the past few days everyone in Great Britain has been waiting for the royal baby to be born. A lot of people wanted the latest baby to be a girl including me, actually I had a strong feeling that it would be a girl.

And today at about 8:30am after about 3 hour labor, a princess was born. Her earthly guardians are the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and she has a big brother Prince George to help her fight all her battles.

May God bless and keep her. I pray that she is a source of blessing to her family and the world. She has been born into the British Royal family and with that comes a lot of responsibilities and restrictions, may God grant her the strength and courage to be a royal with a difference.

However me I have a problem with her mama o. She has to tell us how she does it. If you have seen the pictures or videos of the duchess during her two pregnancies you would agree with me that she looks like she doesn't gain a lot of weight. You would think that she would then pop out tiny babies but when you find out the weight of her kids were about 3.5-3.7kg which is reasonably big. Meanwhile I have seen overly bloated women who give birth to babies that weigh 2.5-2.7kg. So my question is how does she do it?

And she wears heels anytime she has an event, her feet no dey swell? We need to find out her secret o, me I am overly interested.

Then imagine she gave birth at around 8:30am by 6pm she is out of the hospital and going home and she looks flaaaawwwwwllllesssss. If you think I am lying, check out these pictures:
They look so happy
Left: after giving birth to prince George Right: after giving birth to the princess today
See.....Make up, hair....Check
See heels o, 10 hours after giving birth...
Dad taking big brother to see little sister....
I repeat, she needs to tell us her secrets. I no gree if she doesn't o. I am short and really afraid of looking round when I am pregnant so I would really want to know what she did to avoid unnecessary weight gain and look awesome during pregnancy.

That is all about royalty today. I hope enjoyed today's post.

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