Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Crazy thoughts always in my
Forgive me if this post is a bit haphazard but sometimes i think too much...

Baltimore is on fire!! Honestly i am so sorry for the residents in that area. And the riots are supposedly being caused by teenagers. May God heal that city. I never understand why blacks keep hurting themselves in the name of fighting for freedom. You want to fight against something and you decide to burn people's houses, nursing homes and business. Are you thinking straight? Honestly the statement i used to say about 'blacks being the major problem with their supposed retarded growth' has never been more true. Case in point.....Baltimore riot/unrest and the Xenophobic attacks in South Africa.

The South African attacks is the most stupidest of issues i have ever read in my entire life!! Saying that foreigners are taking your jobs when you don't have the qualifications for that job is hogwash. I seriously wonder why they have refused to go to school. For God's sake, there are night schools. It may be hard but it is not impossible. And some of their so called leaders are as useless as they come. I read the statement that one said about foreigners thriving doing business in their country and they must share the trade secrets or go away or something like that.

Like what the heck? If someone is doing well in a business and you want to learn their secrets what prevents you from working in their shops and understudying them. I am sure one of the shops would employ you and you should focus on learning while there no matter the treatment metted out to you. Then you establish your own and employ your people and teach them too. That is the way the igbos in Nigeria have always taught and developed their business. Killing people because they are not from your country is silly.

Anyway have you watched the video of the Baltimore mom who gave her son the beat down of his life. The mum saw her son in the riot stoning cops and she grabbed him, beat him and swore at him.....#someserioustoughlove. In Nigeria, some mothers would have slapped, belted and kicked their sons if they caught them doing such. And as they are beating the crap out of him, they would be abusing him. Who wan kill before my time? I would kill you today! You are going to see pepper.....hahaha.

Some peopele would say that it is harrassment or child abuse. Sorry i don't agree. It is child abuse to allow the child to turn into a thug. Some times desperate times calls for desperate measures. I remember a story my brother told my mum and i about a senior student in his university. When he was in secondary school, he started acting all unruly, drinking and even smoking. His mother tried all she could to caution and make him change his ways but you know boys, they can be hardheaded at times.

So she went gangster on him. She went to the police station and paid some cops to teach her son a lesson. They picked him up, took him to the police station and descended on him like no other. And if you don't know Nigerian Police, let me tell you that they are ruthless in descending on people. They refused to allow the mum to see the boy for almost 5 days. She started begging them but they refused. They told her that if she wanted her son to become something in life she should allow them to finish the job. They told her to bring his food and anything he might need but she was not seeing him.

Extreme? Yes! Did it work? Hell Yeah!! The boy went on the straight and narrow way after because they let him know that he was causing so much heartache to his mum and made him realise that was not nice. He went to university became a graduate and is doing just fine now.

Would i behave like the Baltimore mum or the mum in my brother's story if my child tries stuff like that? YES!! Without thinking twice! It is better for me to have a beaten child than a dead one.

I guess that is enough for today. More thoughts coming up tomorrow....

Luv ya,
Petite Diva....


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