Saturday, May 9, 2015


Tough Love is tough....
So yesterday I had to literally scold an intern because the intern couldn't answer a very simple question after 30 days in my unit. I felt really bad after the anger in me had disappeared but I am not sorry for shouting at the intern. I would rather the intern does not like or greet me and the intern is a better pharmacist.

I then realized that I just displayed an action of tough love by scolding the intern in other to make the intern better. But I realized that it is not always easy or fun. I felt really bad but I was only interested in the future. I asked myself is that how it feels to display tough love? If that is what it feels like then that means I have to also toughen myself up too so that I don't begin to act all weak.

I guess having such interns are a way of training me for my future kids... So I want to know if it is so easy for you guys to exhibit tough love and also ways to ensure that you don't chicken out.

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Luv ya,
Petite Diva....

P.S: I am really angry with Gotv, abak road, uyo branch right now. They cut me off even though I have paid for 4 months. They have refused to pick up my calls too. I hate paying for what I won't enjoy.. I wish someone could help me get them to listen and help get me connected back.


  1. U might need to storm GoTv's office.....

    1. My dear, I had to go the next day with my decoder. Their wahala is plenty. They have connected me she but for how long I no know o.

  2. tough long as you use scope to say our parents when they scold you and then keep malice with you for a day and then they prepare your favorite meal the next day..their own way of saying they are dig? its okay to be tough...that way they strive to learn but then be the bigger aunty and pull them back to dig? *winks*

  3. Somehow wit kids I guez iz just not easy, I scold my dota, n try 2 kip a straight face so she learns dat wat she did iz bad, n she comes n cries 2 my face, until I tell her sorry n am like but I did dat on purpose. Anyway if d sorry ain't coming shez not going so I. Just av 2tell her sorry

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