Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Pregnancy loading......
I really don't know what my main point of this post would be but I hope I am able to convey a message at the end.

So I have always been weird and a little or a lot different from most people around me. It is what makes me the crazy diva that you all know and probably love.

Growing up I always heard so and so person got someone pregnant and now they have to get married. Personally at a young age of 17 I always thought the bigger mistake to make was not getting someone pregnant or getting pregnant, it was marrying the person because of that pregnancy. So many people have had many failed marriages because they married someone they didn't love but had no choice to marry because of parental pressure. And throughout the marriage they are creeping around with one person to another outside the marriage (I was almost sucked up in that world, God saved me from being a side chick to a guy who got married to someone he got pregnant).

Earlier on the marriages might look like it is lasting but there would be a lot of unhappiness in it. Nowadays with the divorce rate increasing, people just don't care anymore. They get divorced within a short while or don't marry the ladies.

On the flip side, I have heard women deliberately getting pregnant to keep a guy. While that might work in the 90's, it doesn't work anymore. I was watching a series with some guys and a lady in the program said she got pregnant to trap a guy. And the guys with me said 'story!'. Meaning that won't work on them.

They said they would assume responsibility for the child but won't marry anyone because of a pregnancy. And looking around I noticed that there are a lot of baby mamas. Recently Davido also became a father with his ex girlfriend, Flavor has one child with his ex and another one on the way by another girl, tu face(the father of them all) has 7 kids from 3 different women. For non Nigerians these are musicians that are really popular in Nigeria.

Even on the international scene, it is not any better. Everything is now so much different. So my advice to ladies, if you think getting pregnant would make a man marry you then think again. You would just be a baby mama receiving checks at the end of the month. If any man tells you that you need to get pregnant before he would consider marrying you, my advice to you....run!

And for those who feel they should marry simply because of a baby, I advice that you wait. It is better to have a clear picture of the person you want to marry than make a bigger mistake. I had a friend who got pregnant for a guy and while people wanted her to marry him, I was of the opinion that she should not. She later married him but it was almost 5 years after. They had both grown up and knew that they wanted to be with each other and I was glad she waited.

I don't know if what I feel is right but that is the way I feel however I have realized that what works for one person might not work for another person. So I would really love to hear your comments on this issue.

Thanks for stopping by...

Luv ya,
Petite Diva

P.S: I am not happy right now. I am Televisionless. My Television on Saturday decided to stop working....*crying*. I had to take it to the repair guys yesterday and I seriously hope that they would be able to repair it before Thursday. And to make matters worse, there has been no power for almost 10 days. Thank God for my power generating set. I am able to at least charge my phones and laptop......*wailing*


  1. Uhhhh I love TV!....So I can feel your pain mami...So sorry eh...

  2. First your decoder, now your TV!! What do I say? I can feel your pain. Pele!! Maybe God is trying to send a message that you have been watching too much tv.... LOL!

    1. Honestly I am beginning to think so too. It is too much of a coincidence....

  3. Sorry bou your tv huni. I pray God provides another soon.


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