Tuesday, August 6, 2013


I have so many pictures (over 400) i just couldn't start uploading them one after the other, not only would i not have the patience to do so but i am sure that my internet network would not behave and it would eventually frustrate me so i decided to make a video of the pictures and group them.

So you guys are going to get to view the pictures according to the events that occurred. I would upload them as i make them so there might be a lot of updates on the picture posts but i would be sure to let you guys know so that you don't miss out on anything.

Here are the first set i made:

I probably should try to explain each slide and change the background song of one of the videos (cos it seems like it is cracked or something) but right now i am too lazy to do that. Maybe later...

Anyway, i decided to check out a mall and supermarket in surulere today and was able to shop some more for some items i needed. But sorry, i don't have pictures. Didn't remember to be snap happy today. I also was able to retrieve my refund tax on all my purchases made in South Africa...whoop! whoop!! Everything is taxed there and i think it was 14% (not sure) but i think so. So imagine the amount they add to your total amount but it is all good since they return it back if you are a tourist.

I gotta run. Hope you love the videos. I would be back with more. Still have about 3 more to make and upload.

Petite Diva

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