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I am really sorry that I have been unable to write this sooner but I have resumed at my work place and things have been crazy. My boss is on leave and I had to arrange the books and the unit. Then I have been trying to arrange my house cos when I was going on my leave, I kinda of scattered my place. Why I was able to write this now is because I was on call today.

Anyway, here is my post. So I earlier said that I planned my trip to south Africa just to have fun, shop and be adventurous. I didn’t know that I was going to come back completely different. 
Motivation to rock my fro
HAIRINSPIRATION: You all know that I was getting a little bit tired of my natural journey cos I don’t seem to be enjoying rocking my hair. However when I went for the SAB world of beer tour, the lady leading us was a natural. She had her hair in a fro and adorned with a scarf. And I was like whoa, she is rocking her fro fiercely. I got the motivation to rock my fro because of that. I have been rocking my fro since yesterday. I washed my hair yesterday and I didn’t hide it under a wig. I also noticed that a lot of the South African ladies love deadlocks and their deadlocks were cute and different from what I was used to. Read in a magazine that people were even cutting unsuspecting people’s locks off.......weird.

SPIRITUAL: I attended my friend’s church, Rivers Church. It is church like I was not used to. The pastors were so simple. I wouldn’t have known the senior pastor if we didn’t watch a clip where his name was written. The choir and pastors wore simple clothes, nothing fancy. The service was a bit confusing at first but when it was over, I was not happy that I had only one Sunday to spend in SA, i enjoyed myself. Pastor Oliver (the senior pastor) preached on “the pursuit of happiness”. He stated that happiness only comes from God. That working towards your purpose in life and not working after pleasure can make you happy. He stated that no one including a spouse can make you happy. He also talked about women trying to be like men and at the end of the day they are not happy. I don’t really know if I fully understood his point there. But the sermon made me think, I need to know what my purpose in this life. It also encouraged me to let go and let God lead the way. Anytime things come up and I start to get depressed, I remember the sermon and have the motivating spirit I need to continue. By the way, can I say I loved the church building and the time spent during service? And I also loved the sincerity of the senior pastor. Can you imagine, he actually said he used smoke Indian hemp? So no one should think he is above mistakes.

EMOTIONAL: When I went to Apartheid museum, I saw all the hardship that South Africans went through and I saw the people that fought for what they have now. I don’t really like history and at a point things were getting a little too much for me, there was so much information that it was beginning to just get too much. However at some point in the visit, I saw that the South Africans (some of them were even white) had courage. They were willing to die for what they believed in. they fought not for themselves but for their children. Even the high school students fought for a proper educational system and they got killed but they were ready to fight for the right thing. I asked myself if I could be like them. Am I capable of fighting for what I believed in? Learning about their history has made me see that I need to stand for what I believe is the right thing and not be swayed by the opinion of the world.

RELATIONSHIP ISSUES: Also as I went to places like Sandton City mall, Hyde Park mall, Lion Park, Monte Casino and the likes, I was inspired by the people. I realized I deserved better. I realized that I was not inferior to anybody. In most of my relationship, or I should rather say in all, I have made the mistake of feeling like I was not worthy of the person I was dating so I ended up appearing clingy and they ended up hurting me. But while I was there I saw that I am an amazing person. I decided I wanted to go to South Africa and God made it happen despite the initial discouraging remarks I heard from family and friends. Realizing that I was able to achieve my dream made me feel that I am not that bad and I needed to conduct myself in such way. I am better and I deserve better! So I am determined to focus on better and not make do with people that think that I am not worth it.

FINANCIALLY:  The fact that I was able to save and afford the trip and shop in SA showed me the importance of saving and having a purpose for saving.  Knowing that I am a shopaholic and can spend my money like crazy has made saving hard. But because I was determined to go to SA, I was able to focus and save for the trip. I want to go on other trips and for those trips I need money. And I have also some personal changes that I saw need to be carried out. I am now inspired to save because I now have a purpose or rather purposes so hopefully I would be more than strict in saving. Thankfully I think I have enough clothes and shoes (which are some of my weaknesses), oils and hair products for my hair (got some on my trip *coversmyeyes) to last me about 6-8 months. All I need is to walk away from temptations and remember my purposes.

CAREER WISE: Watching the people there carry out their jobs with so much finesse and enthusiasm has inspired me to be better at my job. I know that with all that I have on my plate right now that things might not be easy, however I am determined to try my best. And I also went to some major pharmacies there which has given me ideas on how I would like my pharmacy to be. I am now working towards my goal of having a pharmacy that would be exactly what I dream off and much more.

I know it is a lengthy post but I feel someone out there reading this might be inspired to be better. I really hope you enjoyed it. I have to go now. Hope I would be able to write soon.

Love ya,
Petite Diva….

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