Wednesday, August 28, 2013


People pleeeaaaasssseee, can someone tell me why it must rain every darn time in Akwa Ibom?! I don’t get it. I told a colleague recently that I am going to look for where i can buy Wellies (aka rain boots) and get 2, one for the office and one to be kept in my house. I recently saw some cute ones in Lagos so i have set my sights on those type of wellies and not the yellow type. Nothing but cute for this diva.

It has been raining since morning. It was a slight drizzle in the morning but now it is a full, 'don’t want to stop' affair. Thank God I had no plan to go out today; it would have been disappointing not to be able to carry out my plans. So right now I am safely tucked in my house, on my bed and about to make myself a hot choco and eat it with some cookies (gleefully rubbing my palms in anticipation). I am just sorry for people that are stuck in this rain. I hate being beaten by the rain. It totally sucks!

But the good thing about Akwa Ibom is that they don’t really have the problem of blocked drainage here (unlike Lagos) so shortly after the rain stops, almost all the water everywhere (or mostly everywhere) is cleared.

Okay! It is official! I am beginning to wonder what is going on with this strike. It is getting a bit too long. I would have thought that by now, something would have been said. However all I am hearing is that the unions and Federal Government are talking! Someone should talk something reasonable (and by the someone, I mean Federal Government!).

I don’t know what is going in this country anymore. Health workers are on strike, Universities Lecturers have been on strike for almost 3 months, it is really pathetic. May God help Nigeria! We have so many leaders that are not fit to be leaders.

I have to go. My hot cup of choco is calling me ……lol. Enjoy the rest of your day.

Love ya,
Petite Diva.

P.S: It has been brought to my notice that the strike has been called off. Seems they knew i was about putting this up. And also i wrote this post in the afternoon but was unable to upload it due to bad internet connection probably as a result of the rain. The rain has finally stopped. Good night guys, i have to go to work tomorrow.....#mixedfeelings

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