Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Hey guys, guess what? We are on STRIKE! At least every other person apart from the doctors, and only in federal hospitals. The reason or reasons for the strike has to do with grade level (which equals more pay) and some positions that some other professionals are entitled to. I am not really a union or a politically person but I am interested in people fighting for the right thing especially now so that when I am eligible for the grade level, I won’t have any problem. So I have been at home (or should I say that I have not gone to work) since Thursday and I have been enjoying myself.

I have gone to the cinemas, watched 2 movies: The Smurfs 2 and White house down and i totally enjoyed myself. I went for a wedding on Saturday, a child dedication on Sunday and went to visit a friend on Monday. But I think that is all 'the going out' for now. I really need to read. The last time I really read was in SA and I couldn’t jot things down cos my fingers were too stiff from the cold. So till Friday night when I probably would go to the cinemas (if they are showing any movie worth my time), I plan on eating, sleeping and reading, and also blogging…..*Bigsmile.

So I went to a friend’s house yesterday and she invited me to eat but I just couldn’t. I have found out that I am really reluctant to eat other people’s food. I am not exactly sure why but maybe it has to do with my upbringing or with the fact that I was used to eating food with less salt (and I am now trying to go back to that way) and I noticed that a lot of people eat a lot of salt. So at the end of the day I don’t really enjoy the food. I really don’t know the reason but I think I need to reduce the habit just a little bit before people take it the wrong way.

So by October, my last relaxer would have been 18months ago. I am struggling to make sure I don’t relax my hair till then but I don’t know if I would make it till my 24th month. I might just relax, nope, texlax it in December. Since my hair is fine and scanty in the relaxed form, I am planning on texlaxing it. It should make it fuller and still retain a looser texture of my coils.I plan on not buying any relaxer until at least November but who knows what can happen.

Since I am on strike, I think I should try to upload a post at least everyday but I know i can be so lazy at times. Anyway, I would try my possible best. Oh, thank you guys for making me feel good about myself concerning me and my ex-friend. Apparently the problem is not with me.

You all know that I want to get a camera soon, and I want to get it online. So that means I would be trying out Shippyme company again. They have been sending me mails that they are now better and all the previous problems have been sorted out. I won’t believe it till I try it out myself. Then I would give my honest review. Hopefully the service this time would be better. But wait a min, I think they are still owing me! Nobody has said anything about that o. I would call them when I try them again.

That is all for now guys. I need to go and eat and sleep then read. Enjoy the rest of your day guys.

Love ya,
Petite Diva Smurf…lol

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