Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Simple Pleasures
Hey guys, i know you are all a bit miffed that i have been AWOL too frequently. I am really sorry. I have been a bit busy and lazy. Some days i absolutely don't feel like blogging but i just read an instagram post by EZ of beautyinlagos blog. She said she blogs even when she does not feel like it. So i have decided that instead of writing some of my long posts on Facebook, i would post it on the blog. What is the worst that can happen? You guys get to read a lot of mini posts.....lol

One day in a keke, i saw a guy eating a slice of watermelon with so much relish. The watermelon slice was just 50 naira but he seemed to enjoy it like it was a fancy food that cost an arm and leg. On some other days i see some kids jumping just because they are giving some cls of soft drink(i remember being tat happy when my mother says 'go and bring your cup and get coke or tonic wine') or a mentally challenged person given a small loaf of bread and some balls of akara(beans balls). The joy on their faces made me realise that there is joy in the simple things of life.

I have gotten so used to being a diva and gotten accustomed to so many things i had started taking things for granted. I don't know if i would blame it on my bit of OCD or being a diva but i tend to over think and over do things.

Looking at my former interns digging into a slice of watermelon at my recently held cocktail training (the watermelon was for a smoothie recipe and they just commandeered it....silly children....lol) made me aware that i do a little bit of drama sometimes. It has been a long time since i ate watermelon straight from the bark. I must cut into pieces then deseed it then get a fork to eat it.... (i know right....too much drama uhn?). So that day i decided no too much drama just to eat a slice of watermelon, i still cut off the bark but i ate it without too much drama and it felt cool.

Stuff like that made me realise that the best things in life are totally free and simple. We allow so much to mean so much to us that when we don't have them they determine what how happy we are. Those unnecessary things tend to determine our moods. I am trying to do away with a lot of unnecessary things and habits and enjoy the simple things in life. It is going to be hard but not impossible...

So learn to enjoy life and it's simple pleasures guys... I feel it is ultimately a total destresser (not a real word by the way...i think)...

I got to run. I have a steaming wrap of moin moin waiting for me and i am going to enjoy eating it out of the leaf wrap (i haven't done that in ages).....Don't envy me o....lol

Thanks for stopping by.....

Luv ya,
Petite Diva


  1. Hiya mami....Wow! It has actually been a while...How have you been eh?

  2. Welcome back. Please share the moin moin. ;)

    1. It has finished o...... Don't worry, next time

  3. Petite diva where have you been? Good you back

    1. Hi Buiti, i am sorry. I have been lazy.com but i am back now. Thank you for checking up on me....


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