Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Ok! Guys! I am not crazy. Just need to say that before you all think I am going to the other side. I just feel broody I guess but I really want a baby. I don’t know what is going on with me but I just feel I am ready.

I guess I need the mothers in the house to fill me on what motherhood really involves then maybe I might have a change of heart but till then I just want a cuddly 'mini me'. A fierce but highly, super cute babe that would call me ‘mama’.

I know that having children is not just about cuddling the baby but I think I can manage. If my great grandma, grandma and mum can do it, so can I! lol……… Don’t mind me folks, I just felt like writing something crazy today.

I have some wonderful pictures I would like to post here but I can’t find seem to find the USB cord for my blackberry (I am sooo sad). I don’t know where I kept it. Oh well, I guess I would have to buy a new one.

I gotta run, guys. I know this entry is short but i wanna check somethings on you tube, hopefully I would be able to browse and also upload this entry. The internet service has been crazy thanks to the rain.

Thanks for checking my space guys.

Luv ya,
Petite Diva.

P.S: Did you guys hear about the Colorado shooting during the latest batman movie viewing? That guy is some serious psycho! And to think he was a neuroscience PhD student. SMH (shaking my head) at him and his terrible soul, Only God can forgive him. May the souls of those he killed rest in perfect peace and may God heal those that were wounded, Amen!


  1. BABY!?! You can adopt mine :D JK! Her dad will lock me up in guard room plus she is the fresh air in my life! it's not easy really, the worries, expenses and fears especially in the world of today... we can only pray. But dont be alone in it ;)

  2. @fatum, really? I can have Aisha? lol..... I am praying and i hope i never forget to pray. How are you?

    1. hahaha! I am fine thanx :) You wont forget Gods willing O:)


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