Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Hey guys, I am feeling a bit lazy and uninspired today. I think it has to do with the hectic day I had and the fact that I need to do a budget for my spending this month. Have I ever said I have a bad saving habit? Well, now you guys know. My mother is always on my case to save and her words would enter through one ear and leave through the other.

I used to be quite a saver in secondary school. I guess I feel life is too short for me not to spend my money. However if I always got things that made sense or I could see, I won’t be worried but I never seem to know what I spent the money on at the end of the month.

That is by the way, since I have a new and promising modem from airtel I decided to upload some of the pictures I took with my phone over the past few months. I hope you guys love them.

In March, for a wonderful friend's wedding held in Abeokuta......My amazing classmates and friends

The next bride to be/me girlfriend and i

The flyest Petite Diva on the planet.......Respect the girl

My in-charge and i feeling sexy

Me girlfriend, My wonderful in-charge/adopted big sis and i

HAWT!!!! Bringing classy sexy back......The ass ain't bad too.

The girl is just too fine.....Thank you Lord for beauty inside and out!

Pharm Elvis Again!! We are no more in school o!

Beautiful Abeokuta bride and Hubby

Marvelous decor at the wedding of the daughter of my HOD

A close up of my hairstyle

March wedding.....My neighbors here in Uyo

My adopted little bro and i at the Traditional marriage of the daughter of my HOD

June bride and i....

If you didn't know my country, now you do....

Oron Bride....

Because i rep the baddest team on the planet.....Stand up for Chelsea!! The Champions!!!

My lovely classmate, seatmate and friend from secondary school....Navy girls are the bomb!

Da Model....

Hmmmmm, what can i say? Baba, you too much o!

Well, i have to stop for now folks. I just have to say that it has been a pleasure to upload some of my recent activities' pictures with this modem. MTN!! You guys can go and hug a transformer!!

I should upload more pictures soon. I do hope you guys enjoyed viewing my pictures.

See ya soon, guys. Love ya...
Petite Diva.....

P.S: I am learning how to inject so i need volunteers to offer their butts, thighs and arms for training. Anybody interested? Holla at your girl, i would be so grateful......loooool.

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  1. LOL! Crazy little Diva! Lovely pictures. I could volunteer myself, I would also love to learn how to draw blood... Great write up. Wish everyone of them a Happy Married Life <3


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