Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Hey you guys, i am sorry i haven't posted for some days. I have been trying to build some blogs for my friends. I set up a fashion or would i call it a 'ware picture' blog for one. On her blog, she can upload the pictures of her goods and people can order from her. Her blog website is www.helensfashions.blogspot.com, please check it out.

I also set up a wedding blog for my girl, Eno. You can view it at www.enoandsteve.blogspot.com. BEWARE!! You might be a little bit jealous. Another note of warning, i ain't doing any wedding blog without any monetary offer again! On a serious note, i hope you guys love the blogs. View it and let me know what you think.

Hey! i just remembered an amazing thing that i found out recently. Apparently i discovered that a large chunk of my blog's views are from the US and U.K. How is that possible,Naija folks? How can people outside be more interested in my ramblings than you guys? Well since i have more foreign viewers i guess i would have to speak more in their slangs or terms so that they can understand what i am saying.

I need to put some happy pictures cos today has been really saddening. We found out this morning that my HOD had an accident yesterday. She apparently can feel anything in her legs but is conscious. She seems to have some spinal cord injury. Please guys remember her in your prayers, we can't afford to lose her. I am counting on you all, thanks a lot.

Here are some fab wedding pictures i stole, feast your eyes ladies.....and gents (i think):

That is all folks. I gotta run, i am soooooo tired.

See ya very soon,
Petite Diva.


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