Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I am having one of my ‘dem’ days. I have been staring at the computer for hours. I am totally uninspired and feeling down today. Why? I know the reason but I really shouldn’t feel like this cos it is all under control. I am listening to Mary Mary and I feel joy entering into my spirit (Thank you Lord!).

What are my peculiarities?…….Hmmm, One of them is that I can’t think of lies fast enough! Today I was asked a question by my in-charge and I practically blurted out the truth and got myself into trouble. I am stunned when I hear people spit out lies quickly. I am not saying I don’t lie, I am saying I have to think about the lie to be able to say it. Maybe my in-charge has noticed this about me, that is why he asks me whenever I have an accomplice in any mischief that I do.

Right now, I told my mum and brother that someone bought my blackberry for me and I have been feeling bad since. Before you all shout and say all sort, I was not ready for them to start screaming in my ear that I was spending too much money and not saving (even though they are right). It was just easier to say that. Actually someone promised me the money but he started getting all dirty and more. I was just not comfortable with it. I couldn’t play along just because of a lousy 30k. I would rather buy it with my money and please God than do what he wants. I ain’t CHEAP! I am an independent chic (heck! My ringtone is miss independent by Ne-yo……..lol).

I don’t know how to pretend. It amazes me when people see someone and say something nasty about that person then smile, laugh and say good things to the person’s face. I am like WHAT?!!. I know that attitude has a name. I think it is HYPOCRISY. I am a person that believes if you have nothing good to say about a person, say nothing at all. One of my ex was like that and it used to amaze me how people can act like that. I once said that I really don’t like gossip because I have found out that anybody that gossips to you would gossip about you. I try not to be involved and if I have no choice I try to give excuses for the person. The same ex called it 'trying to sugarcoat the truth' and that I was not being realistic.

Another quirk about me is running away from a guy that I don’t want to get close to me. I know, I know that is probably immature and wrong but I am such a bad actress. You would know that there is something wrong because I would start acting somehow. And then after the guy gets the message, I begin to feel bad. I really need to get a stiff backbone and go for some acting classes.

A major big quirk is that I am so insensitive to what is happening around me. I recently found out that someone had a crush on me in secondary school, some people had crushes on me when I was in university and while I was serving some great guys were ‘tripping’ for me. What was I doing while all this was going on? I have no bloody idea! I am really something else. And they are great guys (I think) but after all my recent taste in men, I am beginning to think I am a poor judge of people. Well, I really need to start being sensitive and notice things more! Else a lot of things are going to pass me by.

Well, that is all I can write today folks. I really hope you are reading with a computer and not a phone! I also hope that you are doing the assignment I gave to ya all (remember...click away). I hope I would be in a better mood tomorrow and be super inspired to write something a bit more fun.

Luv ya,
Petite Diva…………..

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  1. yep, hypocrisy alright. may God deliver us. amen. lovely piece ;) i lie but i forget it, so saying the truth is wayyy better :). you'll see


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