Friday, February 17, 2012


It has been a while since I updated my blog and I have been receiving lots of questions from you guys. The reason for my absence is that I have been uninspired lately because I was fighting a battle for my soul and future.

If you have been reading my blog, you would remember that I wrote that I had to go for a blood test because of my breast pain. Well the result came out and I had an outrageously high amount of a certain hormone.

So I thought I would just take drugs and as I had been assured by some doctors, I would be fine afterwards. However the physician that I was seeing decided that I should do an x-ray of my skull. What were they looking for? Tumours. Apparently if there is a tumour in the pituitary gland, it could lead to usually high amount of the hormone.

That broke me down. I was just not ready to expose myself to any radiation because of the fear of cancer and I was also scared that a tumour would be seen. It took some persuasion, assurance and comforting from my girlfriend, a doctor friend and my mum to spur me into doing the x-ray and the thyroid stimulating hormone test.

When a friend asked me if I would write about this, I said yes immediately but I was skeptical about writing about it. What made me change my mind? I got the result of the x-ray and other test today and according to the results, I am normal.

The other test claimed that I had high serum prolactin. For the non-medical inclined readers, please browse about prolactin and hyperprolactinaemia. Well, at the initial stage when the diagnosis was made and I remembered the condition it could cause, I was distraught. I had a depressive mood for days.

I just couldn’t think of me being that way. I let go of everything. I wept and kept wondering why I had to be going through such a condition. I was not interested in taking drugs for an indefinite time until it has normalized. I kept proclaiming that it can’t happen to me because God has not said so about me.

I was praying a certain day and proclaiming reversal of my hormones to normal and a word came to me. What I received was that I was chosen to have this situation happen to me to prove to people that God still exists. That he is the same yesterday, today and forever. The same Jesus that the woman with the issue of blood touched his garment and was healed is alive. I am chosen to be a marvel to people. That in spite of what is on paper I would be a different case.

For those who have browsed on it and the medically inclined readers who know about hyperprolactinaemia would know that it is a cause of infertility. There! I have said it. Some people would probably tell me that I shouldn’t have written that but I don’t have hyperprolactinaemia.

The result from the lab was wrong. I have no tumour in my brain/pituitary gland, I have super regular menses and my thyroid gland is functioning well. So why won’t I write it. I have just said that I would be an exceptional case and I am. They were expecting a tumour, they saw none. They were excepting a faulty thyroid gland; they saw a fully functioning one. They were expecting amenorrhea (irregular menses), they saw a perfectly timing menstruation cycle that would shame a lot of people. So I repeat again. Why won’t I write about it? IN CASE YOU MISSED THE MEMO, THIS GIRL IS A FABULOUS CREATION!!

The major reason I am writing this is not for people to pity me for what I have had to endure in the past weeks but to help someone out there. My latest motto has been that God has a reason for everything. And I write my life experiences with the hope that it would not only entertain you all but would help someone. That is my prayer every day. I am not looking to help millions or thousands or hundreds or tens (but if it happens there is no problem), I am looking to give hope to just a person.

My message to someone out there is that no matter what you think you are going through always have faith in God. He knows the beginning and the end of your problem. Sometimes problems are there to make you stronger. I have had to go through one challenge or the other since this year started but the word I hold on to is “FEAR NOT”. I won’t deceive you and say it comes immediately to me because it doesn’t. I would have finished crying then start praying before it comes. FEAR NOT!!! I don’t know if God is through with me yet but I know that whatever happens I would not believe the devil’s report but the Lord’s own.

My question to you is ‘whose report would you believe?’

That is all folks. The amazingly, peculiar and fabulous petite diva has to get her beauty sleep.

Hope to write soon.
Petite Diva.

P.S: I was extremely shocked when I heard that Whitney Houston was dead. May her soul rest in perfect peace. Now she is free from the demons of drugs and alcohol. A note to someone out there struggling with problems, no matter how bad your problems are never turn to drugs and alcohol. It would kill you faster than your problems. Turn to God and he is sure to help you. Stay drug free people……..

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