Friday, February 3, 2012


I saw this on a friend’s twitter page and decided to try it. Sorry Fatima, I am stealing your idea (please don’t sue me o cos I no get money to pay you o…….lol). I think this would be fun but I am not sure whether I would write the 100% truth but I would try. All I ask is that I am not judged and you all love me for who I am.

Here goes……(#rubbingmypalmstogether):
1. I was born on the 4th of March, my zodiac sign is pisces. I have no clue what my birthstone is. Can someone help me?

2. I am 5 feet 1 inch tall. A lot of people think I am shorter so I had to state my height. I wish I was taller but this is the height I selected in heaven so I gotta live with it.

3. I can be a very good revenge scheme plotter. I hate getting angry because I think of great ways to get even and they always seem spectacular but thank God I am too much of a chicken to ever carry them out …….#smilingwithmyteethshowing…….

4. I am an introvert. I am happy staying at home, washing, cleaning and watching movies.

5. I didn’t know where akwa ibom was until I was posted here for NYSC.

6. I can’t effectively speak Yoruba (I know, I know, I should be ashamed of myself). I really want to learn it now. My last boyfriend could speak 3 languages and I badly want to learn to speak 3 languages too.

7. I have a terrible fear of speaking in public. My heart begins to pound faster and my voice becomes shaky. I have a presentation coming up and I am seriously dreading it.

8. I don’t make friends easily because I think I am such a bad person and nobody would want to be friends with me. I therefore come across to people as a snob.

9. I don’t like speaking a lot because I have an accent and I sometimes struggle with the pronunciation of words. I am not witty so lack what to say at times.

10. I am a very shy person. I lack self confidence. I rarely talk but I found out that I am better with written words. I also rarely look at people in the face.

11. I had a crush on a certain prince when I was growing up. I had no choice; he is super cute, kind, fun and rich. I also had crushes on 2 guys when I was in secondary school though they never noticed me. Hmmm, I think I still have a crush on one of them and he is now cuter than ever and has a certain addition that makes him more desirable. I can’t fully describe it but that addition makes me melt like butter. He is just too hot!!! (I can’t wait to see people’s response to this…….hahaha).

12. My maternal grandfather was a muslim and had 7 wives with 26 children. And may i also mention that I never met him. I wish I had but he had too many issues with his children that they all went on different paths. I don’t even know where he is buried.

13. I wish I had a nongovernmental organization which helps to make the wishes of less privileged kids come true. Actually my objectives are much more than that.

14. I absolutely love, love, love the colour pink. I am actually going to wear pink on my wedding day (I hope I can….).

15. I am an American size 0, a british size 4 upwards and british size 6 downwards. For the guys it means I got a big butt, which I thank God for because if my butt was not a bit curvaceous I would be really straight.

Well, that is 15 for now. I would be sure to write the remaining tomorrow (I hope I can). Hope you enjoyed it.

Luv ya,
Petite Diva

P.S:Check out my girl's blog, it is so much better than mine and she has a fabulous way of writing. Her blog address is Thanks...

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