Saturday, February 4, 2012


Hey guys, my last post caused quite a stir with you all but I gotta warn you that there is more to come. So brace yourself….

16. I love my maternal grandmother. She is the best grandma in the whole world. Everybody that is close to me knows that she is called ‘Iya’ by her family. It is supposed to be pronounced ‘Iya meaning mother in yoruba’ but it is not. It was started by me when I was learning how to talk. The legend/story is that I was trying to say ‘Iya Keji’ and couldn’t quite say it properly so it kinda of stuck. Hey! I had to announce my arrival as the 1st grandchild somehow now……the petitediva has been a diva from

17. I got my first kiss on the cheek at age 3. The boy was a family friend and we were playing under the table in my house. It happened so suddenly. He just grabbed me and gave me the peck with my brother watching. My brother teased me about that all through secondary school. So technically, I had my first boyfriend at age 3 and he also happened to be my first crush. Found out later that he also had a crush on me when we were younger…….strange uhn?

18. I hate oats, don’t like yam or beans (I can eat them but just a very minute quantity is enough for me, thank you).

19. I can’t swim even though I would love to learn but I have been unable to find a female swimming instructor.

20. I would love to learn martial art (anyone that uses skills not strength cos as you all know that I am tiny), play a musical instrument preferably guitar or piano and how to sew.

21. I love dancing but rarely dance in public because I think I look like a skeleton dancing about. I would love to learn salsa, ballroom dancing, tango and burlesque style of dancing.I also want to learn pole dancing and how to strip (stripper style) so that I can put some spice in my marriage (I am talking about the bedroom gymnastics). I am such a bad girl but sometimes being a bad girl for the hubby is necessary (what do you think guys?).

22. I have dated boys (and I say boys because they were boys) that are younger than me. And it was a disaster. Never trying that again!

23. I have not spoken to my brother for almost a year in the past. We had a crazy fight and I wouldn’t forgive him. Bad, uhn? But he provoked me. We are better now anyways.

24. I make friends easily more with guys than girls. I guess it is because I grew up with just one sibling who happens to be a guy. So I really don’t know how to maintain a girly relationship. I am lost sometimes with girlfriends. I have no clue what to say or how to act.

25. I am sometimes too much of a tomboy. I rough-play a lot forgetting that I am a girl but it is easier for me to be a tomboy. Sometimes being a girl is not fun.

26. I love fashion and make up. I am quite the fashionista. I always analyze people’s outfits and imagine how I can change it. Problem is that I hate how I dress. I hate the clothes that I have but as I am a tiny size 4, it is really impossible to get clothes or shoes that I want in my size.

27. I studied pharmacy because my parents decreed that it was going to be so. I totally hated the course in year 5 and wanted to quit but then I am not a quitter. Now I am really grateful that my parents chose it (please don’t tell them that or they are going to be making decisions for me).

28. I sometimes feel I am stupid and have no clue what I am doing at times. How I passed pharmacy school is a testimony as to the fact that it is not by might or power but by the grace of GOD.

29. I tend to give a lot because I don’t want to ever come across to people as stingy. I had a family member that was stingy and I vowed never to be like that.

30. I am fighting a battle against depression. I come across to people as being happy but sometimes it is just an act. I tend to have serious mood swings and when it goes to the depressive state, I am a serious mess. My last boyfriend had the unfortunate experience of witnessing me in one of my state when I called him and was crying on the phone. Maybe that was one of the reasons why he slept with someone else. I have even flirted with the idea of taking antidepressants but I refuse to allow the devil to win.

Well that is 30things you didn’t know about me. I actually think I should have made it 100 things you didn’t know about me because I just found out that I have more to write about. Na! I don’t think so. I would keep some to myself, thank you!

Have a beautiful week ahead, folks. I am off to bed.
Luv ya,
Petite Diva.

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  1. Nice post, refreshed my Sunday morning. Controvertial too. Thumbs more. Bookmarking this blog.


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