Monday, May 2, 2011


I know I promised to give you guys the concluding part to my story on boys and their games but the whole royal wedding that occurred a few days ago and its craze has made me to put it on hold and say something about the whole thing. I am not an expert or something but this is what I feel.

Where should I start? I know…..HER DRESS.

It was simply elegant and divine. I loved the lace details, I loved the sleeves, I loved d skirt details. What I loved the most was the lace sleeves which did not make the dress look trashy. It was a refreshing change from all the tube/sleeveless gowns that I have been seeing lately. I was arguing with someone about some months ago that a wedding dress with sleeves can look really great.

When I said that, I was thinking along the line of the concept that was used. I think the Anglican Church/ Mother’s Union in Nigeria would not object to that kind of dress. For people who don’t understand let me explain. The Anglican Church frowns on tube or sleeveless gowns, if the vicar is one crazy person the bride can be sent out of the church and he wouldn’t care less.
What I didn’t like however was the sweetheart neckline of the inner gown. I would have preferred a straight neckline but the dress worked with her so it is all good.

I have been talking about Kate’s dress though I also love her sister’s dress. It was also simply divine. It could be great as a second wedding dress. Way to go! Middleton’s Chics.

Okay, now to what I didn’t like. The HYPE! The hype was too much if you ask me considering that most of the royal’s marriages have not lasted. With the exception of the queen’s own and one of her child’s (can’t remember his name, besides his marriage is still young), all of the have crumbled and they are on their second marriages. I would think that people would mellow down but I guess British guys are different.

Then the fact that because she is now a princess she can no longer be called Kate but now Catherine (say that in a British accent). If she wants to be called Kate people should respect that.

All in all, it was a great wedding but really long. I hope they are happy now and try to stay that way. I also hope that Kate knows what she is getting into and is prepared for the royal life because those who have stepped into didn’t really come out of it happy.

Well, that is my own take on the wedding of Prince William and Princess Kate, I am sorry Princess Catherine. The newest Duke and Duchess Of Cambridge.

I wonder what would happen when Prince Harry gets married. What title would he and his wife be given?

I really should talk about the clothes and crazy hats that the guests wore that day. Maybe when I have the pictures I would do a mini fashion police episode here. That would be cool, don’t you think? A Fashion Police episode featuring the ‘one and only’ Petite diva…

I gotta run. Should be back soon with the concluding story to ‘boys and games’ story. Stick with me and you are sure to enjoy the ride.

Luv ya all,
Petite Diva.

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