Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Lately I have been getting some reviews concerning my blog, the writing style and content. It has been kinda mixed, a little bit of good and a little bit of lukewarm reviews.

I want to write about certain things that people should put into consideration when reading my blog.

Number 1: Don’t believe at least 30% of what you read on my blog. I am trying to be interesting so I might (the word is ‘might’) adjust the truth a bit. Hey! I am trying to be exciting. My life sometimes is boring so i need to help it. So I guess this is my warning ‘if you read anything here and don’t confirm from me before you spread anything you are on your own o!'

Number 2: A friend said that whenever he reads my blog he is amazed that it is a pharmacist writing it. I don’t know if it is a good thing or a bad one but this is what I feel. I love being a pharmacist. I am proud and know that I am blessed to have the privilege to be called one. However when work is over I want to relax and put the responsibility cloak of pharmacy off me. I am not the 'clubbing' or 'going out a lot' person so I relax by watching movies, cleaning (weird huh?) and writing.

My writing style is a whole lot different from my speaking style. I feel like I am free to say what I want in the way that I want and not stiffly or should I rather say ‘professionally’ like I would when I am in my 'pharmacist mode'. So when writing I like saying ‘OMG (for those who don’t know what OMG is, it is Oh my God!), ‘pissing me off’ or ‘f**k off’ when I feel like. Words I probably won’t say (or say a lot) when talking. I like the way I feel like i am a bestselling writer when I am writing. It gives me such a great feeling. It makes me feel good like i am achieving something that is different from pharmacy. I really love writing.

So it is kinda of strange that I might write in a peculiar way but that is what I love about my writing. I can be whoever I want to be on my blog and I don’t think I should apologize for that. So people bear with my writing style snd just enjoy reading my blog.

Number 3: So I hate to admit it but I must before I get into trouble when people think my blog is the world’s most authentic source of my life adventures and turn to my publicity secretary/agent. I don’t entirely give all my info here. I keep some to myself, I remodify some and relay to you and I give you some of the most authentic gist about my life. All in all, I assure you that majority of my life experiences are true. Which one you might wonder? Wwwell, that is for me to know and you to find out when I want you to.

I think I have talked a bit about what I feel today. Need to have my beauty sleep. It has been a very tedious day.

Oh! By the way, NYSC is coming to an end. Amazing, it feels like yesterday when I came to Akwa-Ibom. Now it looks like I am about to leave it for good. That is part of the issues I am having. What issues have cropped up into my life? I would let you guys know very soon.

Gotta run (or rather gotta sleep).
See you soon.

Petite Diva.

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