Thursday, May 5, 2011


A lot of you guys have been eagerly waiting for the concluding part to my ‘boys and their games’ story. I am so sorry that it took this long. I have been feeling lazy and some other things have contributed to its delay (for those in Nigeria you know what the mighty PHCN can do when they are crazy).

However without further ado, here goes the concluding part. Hope you enjoy it.

So like I said a few days after the ‘talking to’ or should I rather say ‘telling to’ I was flipping through his phone and decided to flip through his texts. I normally don’t do that because I would hate it when people read or flip through my texts (I shouldn’t have done it, it is a very nasty thing to do and I don’t advise anyone to do so) but I don’t know what made me check it that day.

I saw some texts that were dated some months that were sent to a particular number that I didn’t bother with. Why? You might ask. The simple reason, we were not involved then so why bother my head about past drama. So I continued flipping through and saw some other texts that were recent and had suspicious contents. Which made me wonder; ‘was this guy still with this chic when he started with me?’ However the most important question was ‘Is this guy STILL with this chic when we are OFFICIAL?’

My conclusion was YEP! He was with the chic when he was starting with me. I don’t know why he was still keeping up with the chic. Was he trying to make sure that he had secured me before letting her go? I was seriously mad and a bit hurt. Then I got into my ‘nobody messes with me and gets away with it mode’ and decided I was going to get my revenge. I was really mad; I was like a bull seeing a red flag. I had to comport myself and cool down so that I didn’t blow up in his face. I wanted to punch something. I really wished I could box and had a punching bag or that I knew martial arts so that I could release my anger.

Two things that can make me mad with a guy are cheating (and lying about it) and hitting me. I see red when they happen. I am a like a tornado, destroying anything in sight. Then I calm down and feel sad but contented that I tried to do something about it.

I chatted with some friends on what I should do and they all gave me the answer that they felt was best. They were different. I even spoke to someone close, apparently he knew about the whole game plan before I did and tried to warn me but as stubborn as I am I didn’t listen. That is a major problem that I have, I AM STUBBORN. However I decided to calm down and do things my own way.

What have I decided to do? I am going to give him the benefit of doubt and hope that he was initially trying to play me but when we got closer he decided that he couldn’t continue with the game (I am deceiving myself, right?). I am just trying to see the good part in him.

And I am playing the forgiveness card because I am human too and can be flawed in my judgment especially if one has friends that can influence you in a negative way unless you are willing to stand up and refuse to be influenced. Besides I have not caught him in the act ….yet and flipping through his texts is not permitted when judging in this case.

I would play my cards right in this game and if he messes up just a little bit (not once), he would feel my wrath. I would deal with him in a ‘wonder woman, Margaret Thatcher and petite diva’ way that he would never forget. And that would be really nasty cos you have the strength of wonder woman, the independence and strictness of Margaret and the flair of a diva. How would I do it? That is for me to know and for you to never find out.

Till then I am playing the role of an ignorant girlfriend in this game and riding this wave. Maybe something good would come out of it and maybe not. Whatever the case maybe I know I would come out on top of the situation and I would definitely have a wonderful story to tell you guys.

Hope you have enjoyed this piece. I would love to ask you ‘my dear readers’ some questions.
1. Was I wrong to check his text messages? I feel it was wrong but now I can see so much clearer.
2. Should I have confronted him then?
3. Should I end it now without confronting him or continue with my benefit of doubt plan and see what happens?

I am confused. I have too many issues right now (would let you guys know about it soon) and don’t want this one to be part of it. One thing I can say though is ‘relationship is a load of hard work and I don’t know if I am cut out for it’. Sometimes I just want to be on my own again.

I would love to know what you think. You can write your comments here or on my facebook wall. Thank ya very much.

That is all folks. Hope to see you soon.
Luv ya,
Confused petite Diva.

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