Monday, October 11, 2010


Hi everyone, this is petite diva reporting live from the A & E pharmacy of UUTH. This is a broadcast write up on my very first night call. I have been here since 4 pm and it is now 10:47pm.

The call started a little bit hectic not because there were a lot of patients at the pharmacy but as a result of my lack of knowledge. I don’t know where the drugs are and their prices. The pressure was so much that I made a mistake that I have never done before. I gave someone a drug without indicating how to use it. I hope I can correct the mess up tomorrow before anybody gets to hear about it.

The day started really well for me ‘cos I got a pleasant surprise. My previous boss had sent me some money (a lot more than I expected) and with this ‘no salary being paid’ situation we are in it was a wonderful surprise and a beautiful way to start the week after yesterday’s issues.

I am all alone now. My partner is sleeping for now while I am locked up in the pharmacy writing this. I also noticed that some patients or rather their relatives can be annoying. Can you imagine that someone wanted me to give her a drug without paying? She wants me to enter trouble. Trying to explain that I don’t have the authority is just so darn hard for them to understand.

It is now 12:05am and I am still awake, thanks to what I am doing (this write up) and coca cola. I hope I will be able to fall asleep soon and function properly later on today.

The night seems calm; I really hope it stays that way ‘cos this afternoon/evening was something else. I stepped into the A & E reception and the stench that came from there told me that a lot had happened. A lot of doctors were on ground and the patients were even more than they could handle.

I actually saw a woman been covered up, apparently she had died while waiting in the reception. She died on the bench. I don’t know what exactly happened but I felt and still feel bad. I wish I had not seen it or that I didn’t understand what happened. Now any time I see that bench I am going to remember what happened.

I really don’t think that I can ever value pharmacy if I am a hospital pharmacist. I was born to be a community pharmacist and that is that.

I have to go; the hospital is very quiet now. I hope it stays that way so that I can sleep.

So this is the end of my live report. All the way from Akwa-ibom, this is the petite diva signing out.

Luv ya.

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