Sunday, October 10, 2010


I don’t know about you all but I sometimes have a waay out of plan day in which nothing and I mean nothing goes according to plan. Everything seems to go wrong on those days and today was one of them. I am seriously not feeling this day. I don’t know if it has to do with the date (10/10/10) or today is not my day.

Let me gist you on all the activities that went wrong today. It started with
• Trying to cook something that I always cook this morning and totally messing it up (at least that is what I felt). To make matters worse I had a guest who though might be forgiving but I am not. I am such a perfectionist. HOW could I mess up in that part?.

• I have been attending a health, safety, security and environment course since yesterday. So i arrived there today for the last day of training thinking I would be alert and concentrate but lo and behold! the girl (me) was feeling terribly sleepy. I actually slept for some minutes before I decided to walk around and also get some sweets and chewing gum just to stay awake; after all I did pay for it.

• Then I came home at about 3 pm, happy that I can finally sleep for some hours only to discover that my room was locked. I had forgotten that my roommate had a lecture to give and had gone out with the keys. I called her and she assured me that she was on her way only for her to come back by 5 pm. So sleep was cancelled as it was too late for me to sleep again.

After noticing that things had not been working out like i wanted I totally refused to do anything else. Due to past experiences, once I see a day like this I refuse to do any other thing and just wait for the day to pass. I simply wait for the next day and pray to God that the next day, everything and I mean 'everything' works accordingly.

Anyways, tomorrow I am on night duty (call) for the first time in my life and I am not looking forward to it. I just hope the night load (i.e. emergencies) would be light. I would be sure to report live from the pharmacy/call room on the happenings. You guys should know that my very first call cannot happen without a little hype. I am after all the ‘petite diva’. This would be another one of my new experiences. Hopefully this internet service would be up and doing and not mess me up.

Oh! before I forget, something worth writing about happened. I was kinda pissed with myself about it but I think it is better it happened like that. What? You might wonder happened. Hold on, I am getting to it.

Before I noticed my locked room I went to see one of the ‘guys’ to conduct a business transaction and my former friend came to meet and was practically smiling at and joking with me. I was so stunned but managed to smile back.

I almost said some things but I guess shock made me shut up. He requested some thing from me and oh 'gullible' me gave it to him. He then said something that made me feel bad and I took it back but he later made good with his words. However I later felt used. I felt that he knows I am practically the only girl he has a friend that rarely takes from him but instead gives him. The most annoying fact about that is I try not to do that for guys so that I am not taken for granted but found that lately I have been doing that a lot for the 'guys'.

So for me to have a peaceful mind towards all this I have come to this conclusion that either he must have really needed it or he was looking for a way to settle our stupid 'no talking rule/rift' or he just wanted to get something out of me to feel he is smart. Which ever reason it is, I have decided that it does not matter. I have too many stuff on my plate to start worrying about his motives.

I might see him tomorrow and we might be back to our ‘no talking rule’ or we might be pick up from where we left off before all this drama came up. Whatever the case may be I am just going to take the days as it comes.

Till tomorrow (hopefully) my peps, hope you enjoyed today’s write up.
Petite diva signing out,
Luv ya.

P.S: Lately i have been seeing a lot of stuff that i have never seen before but have heard about. So i want to ask this question and hope i receive answers from you guys. Why do ladies give it up to a guy they barely know? I mean why do girls sleep with guys they might have known for a maximum of 1 or 2 week(s)? Are girls no more valuing themselves? Do they think it is all about sex? I would write what i think on this topic soon. i would really love to hear your views. I know i might be old fashioned.

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