Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I recently wrote an entry about my experiences and left a teaser to the entry on my Facebook page. Lo and behold I received some comments from my friends about a certain line that I used.

I intentionally wrote that line to give my blog a little pump but I think people are beginning to get the wrong idea. This has also happened with another entry in which the ‘guys’ thought that I had a crush on one of them. I don’t get why my words are been misinterpreted, okay some of them are meant to shock my readers (hey! writing will be no fun if it didn’t stimulate something in the mind of my readers).

So that aside, I think I should talk about my experience in the hospital. I really do not like the political drama of hospital pharmacy. I think I don’t like the fact that you have too many bosses when you are low on the office/pharmacy cadre. I like having one boss that I receive orders from or me simply being the boss. Having too many bosses make life one funky ride. One can be nice while another mean and out to get you. One can say you should do something a particular way while another will practically scream at you that you are doing things all wrong and you end up looking like a fool/dumb.

From my comments you can guess that I am comfortable with some of my bosses while some (especially one) are giving me headache. Well, they don’t know who they are messing with. I am going to break them ‘cos they have no choice than to love me. Why wouldn’t they? I am the ‘princess’ in the house, the one and only petite diva. They got no choice.

I like where I am because of the various pharmacies in the hospital. Different drugs are stocked in each of the pharmacy which means at various times you learn different drugs that are used to treat various diseases. I am going to make the most of where I am because I have plans to use this experience in the future.

Another problem that I have with the hospital (its management) is its inability to pay salaries on time. For the love of God when people work for you for a month, they deserve to be paid. I thought that now that I was working with the federal government at least payment will be made by 26th or 27th of every month but until today workers have not been paid. I don’t know what sort of pranks the management are up to but we will continue to watch them and hope they change for the better.

I gotta run. It is getting late and I need to sleep. Hope to back soon.
Luv, Petite Diva.

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