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NOTE: This post is based on my emotional and semi-logical reasoning. You have a right to disagree with everything i write but you don't have a right to insult me.....

So the big news in the UK right now is the shocking vote 'to brexit'. I went to bed with the news that the vote to 'not brexit 'was high and then i woke up this morning to another news. I was able to vote as a commonwealth citizen and i vote to Brexit. YES, I VOTED TO BREXIT. I was particularly interested in this EU Referendum because i feel that we are all global citizens and i feel we all have a right to be heard and treated fairly.

I was leaning towards the no brexit camp but after some discussions and a little bit of research by watching the campaigns for both sides and listening to some debates i had to vote leave. Let me say this, the campaigns for both sides were super flawed but the campaign for the remain side in my own opinion was super biased. I realised that they had lost connection with the 'common' man and it was really sad. It seemed they forgot what the populace wanted. They forgot to ask the populace what their grievances were and just assumed a lot of things. I really feel that the EU referendum was all because of the loss of communications between the polticians/leaders and the citizens.

I didn't vote leave for any of the reasons that the 'leave' and the 'remain' campaign were using to scare people with. I vote leave for equity and fairness. I voted leave so that the leaders/politicians of the United Kingdom can realise that the world is a global village and open opportunities to all citizens and not just a selected few. For those who don't understand my own point of view, let me try to explain. There are a lot of opportunities in the UK but these opportunities are reduced to a very bare minimum once you are a non UK or non EU national. There is so much restrictions that even if you are super qualified, your chances are reduced to almost none when there is another candidate that is a EU citizen. Even if that EU citizen is not as qualified as the non-EU citizen. Personally i find that really unfair but maybe i am being very selfish.

We need to be fair and treat everyone as our brothers and sisters. My friends have really passionate reasons for thinking Brexit is a great idea. Mine is frivilous in the fact that i just want everyone to have at least a 70% chance of having a level playing ground. I believe that the EU citizens would always have a greater advantage even with the brexit vote but i think that the politicians and Members of Parliament are going to reorganise the way they think, begin to listen to the voice of the people and create new laws that would be favourable to all. I had already understood this before i saw an article on the dailymail saying that the EU leaders were saying something about they need to change some of the ways they do things...... #scorepointfortheleavecampaigners

However i am a bit sad that David Cameron felt the need to resign. I personally think he did a great job in allowing people to speak up. The fact that the opinion of people were not swayed by his opinion or arguement is not his fault. We are human beings not robots so we have a choice to decide what we want to believe. But i also realise that he needs to go. Things are going to change in a good way for the UK and i don't think he is the one that would be suitable for spearheading the change. I read somewhere that Boris Johnson is thinking of running for Prime Minister......IN HIS DREAMS!!! He should forget it. The UK is going to be greater but not under his leadership. Nobody wants a British Donald Trump!!

Whatever the situation is in the next couple of weeks or months, i know that in the long run the UK and EU would survive. Sometimes a break/challenge is needed for great things to occur. Everyone needs to go back to the basics and start all over again. I just wish the politicians/leaders in the UK and EU had taken the time to listen to the voice of the people and not resorted to threats (i felt some of their reasons for no brexit were threats and scare tactics).

As i slept last night, a word came to me and it was 'no matter the decision, it is well'. However when i look at it in a broader perspective, how does the decision affect me as a Nigerian that does not have roots in the UK? That is still a question that i need answers to. I have no ties or interests whatsoever.....

Oh well, i guess that is politics for you. To the European Union members who feel betrayed and sad by the decision of the UK citizens, i understand how you feel but i trust and know that things would only get better for all of you.

That is all folks. Thanks for stopping by....

Luv ya,
Petite Diva

P.S: If there is any point i might have gotten wrong or there is anything you would like to enlighten me on, please free to leave your comments. I would like to know more. One thing i struggled to get before the voting was concrete points to support both sides. It was all a load of threats and emotions and ulterior motives.

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