Sunday, June 19, 2016


I am back.....With my Oily

I know, right? Impossible to believe, right? But yes i am back. I don't know how frequent i would be in stepping into the blogsphere but i would definitely be stepping into here once in a while. Oh My God, i have missed you guys. I didn't realise how much i have missed writing until i started writing literally just now. It has been a crazy few months. You guys would not believe how crazy it has been.

This postgraduate journey has not been easy at all.....On many occasions, i have asked myself why  on earth did i put myself through this. I could have just stayed with my previous status quo but noooooo this 'Petite diva' likes to give herself some epic stress (some would say challenge). Oh well, i have finished my course work so that means i am already about 3/4 through this journey so i might as well stick with it (like i have any choice, right?). Classes are over so it is crunch time with my dissertation and my supervisors are like breathing down my neck but it is all good. I just wish they would allow me to flex a little without feeling guilty about my workload.

So apart from school work that has been super crazy in the past two weeks (i had 3 essays to submit each of 2,000 words that i am not confident about......i am seriously scared i wrote rubbish), i have had the chance to visit some places with my classmates so i thought i would ease into blogging again by showing some of the pictures. Oh my Goodness! i have so many things to tell you guys. Like when i shot a breaking news video and pictures and my video and pictures were reposted on various news agency websites. That was a bit exciting and strange.... Don't worry, i would talk about it later.

Enjoy the pictures from the visit to a lecturer's house in Southwell and a visit to Eyam village, Derbyshire......

Southwell, Nottinghamshire

My Lecturer, Dr Andrew is the guy in the Face Cap......

We went sightseeing through the forest......

The forest was filled with Nettle Bush that stung/itched like heck......It was not funny at all

Eyam Village, Derbyshire

Tired looking, tiny diva.......I need to gain weight. Seriously!!

I hope the pictures were not too much for you guys...... It is good to be BACK!!! Buuuuutttt i have to go. I still have my dissertation to work on but don't you worry i would be back with juicy details of how i scoped the breaking news of a suspected bomb scare at the city centre of Nottingham. It is really good.......

Thanks for sticking with me even through my absence.

Luv ya,
Petite Diva


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