Wednesday, September 16, 2015


God has been faithful....
Romans 8:28…..And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose….

Hey guys, I wrote this while still waiting for the concrete confirmation of God’s word and I decided not to edit it.

So what journey am I embarking on? You know how for months I have been talking in parables about the confirmation of God’s plan for me even when things seemed bleak, right? If you don’t understand please check here, and here.

At the time this post goes live I would on my way across the ocean. Nope, it is not for my usually 7-10 days adventure but this adventure would be for 16 months. Can you guess what I would be going for?
For those who said ‘your masters program’, you are so right.  YES, GUYS!! I AM FINALLY EMBARKING ON MY SECOND DEGREE. Remember when I failed the other post graduate program and I told you that I laughed because I knew that God was confirming that I was supposed to embark on this journey and not that one. 

Well, it has finally materialized. But before I download almost everything about my next journey in life, let me take you guys down my memory lane. For as long as I remember I have always wanted to get my master’s program but not in Nigeria. I have refused to look at any school in Nigeria for a master program (stubborn, I know but I have a the good type of

In 2012 I applied for a master program in Canada, even with all the restrictions of Canadian schools, the fact that was my first time applying for masters anywhere and the fact that I didn’t have GRE I was offered the admission, to my shock and amazement. This was due to the fact that someone else applied and had a better qualification than I did and was not given an admission.

But I was unable to follow through because of funds at that time. Or so I thought at that time. However the more I think about it, I realise that God had a plan for me. The application and my failed attempt was to prepare me for this step I am about to take. 

Right now I won’t lie to you, I am terrified of this journey but I do know that God who has started this would finish it in a spectacular way.

So what course am I doing? I am going to have to apologise to you guys but I won’t be sharing that and some other details. Why? Because there was a time in my life that I mentioned some of my plans and some people condemned it. So forgive me if I am weary of publicizing all of the information.
So what would I tell you about? Some part of my story because all that has happened to me is going to uplift someone and my story would testify about the goodness of God.

How did I get the funds for the master’s program now? Am I richer? Maybe I am but not rich enough to pay for the tuition fees and maintenance fees. So what happened? 

For the first time in my life I won a scholarship. Yes people, you read right. I won a scholarship. And I won an amount that could pay for my nursery, primary, secondary and university school fees about 50 times (I think it would be more than that if I do a proper calculation). 

You see though I won a scholarship, it was a 50% tuition fee scholarship so I needed the other 50%. But you see before I was awarded the scholarship I was also given a bursary which took care of about 1/3 of the school fees. So that remains the other 1/3 and maintenance fees, right? While I was worried about the remaining money, God sent helpers my way in the form of two of my family members. People I never thought would be able to help me. 

Has the journey to this place been smooth? NO!!! I have had so many challenges all through the journey of applying till this point. I can’t really write about everything in this post so I plan to split my account of this journey into different posts.

The  reason I am writing these posts is not to pose or flaunt my trip but to encourage someone, just one person to believe in their dreams not matter how stupid it may seem. I want someone to learn to trust God no matter how stupid you might look. I would describe almost every aspect of this journey in subsequent posts and I really do hope that someone is blessed.

I am about to be offline for a while, it might be a few days but when I am back I would post some more write ups. I have pre-written them in an act of faith and stored them in the draft section of my blog so all I have to press the publish button.

I hope you check up on me regularly I might be scarce for a while like in July when I was preparing some things for this journey but once I am settled I hope to get back to blogging regularly on the adventure that God is taking me through.
Thanks for stopping by and please after reading this take a pen and paper write down all the dreams you have written off and pray that God shows which one to go after.

Luv ya,
Petite Diva…..


  1. COOOOOOOOONNNNNNGGGGRRRRAAAAAATTTTUUUULLLLAAATTTIIIOOONNNNSSS!!! I cannot overemphasize how happy I am for you. The Lord worked for you in a marvelous way. Thank you for your testimony and sharing your news with us. All the best on your new journey.

  2. This is such good news! Good luck with your studies and all the best as you embark on a new journey....

    1. Thank you dear. I owe you some gifts.. I guess I would order them online and send it to you. When I am ready I would let you know....

  3. Congratulations!!!! This is really fantastic news. I wish you all the best in Canada. I can't wait to read about your new adventures. :-)

    1. Thanks. I am not in Canada o, God decided that it was not for me. I am in another country.

    2. Sorry about that. Congratulations all the same. Good luck with everything.

  4. Congratulations dearie!!! God has indeed,been so good to you.

  5. Congratulationss......... Make me proud huni..mwaaahh

    1. By God's grace i will. Where have you been hiding na?


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