Saturday, August 22, 2015


Want to win this? Then continue reading....
Whhheeeeew.....It has been a long time i did one of this post. And do i have so many things to tell you.

So last week, i had the confirmation of all my faith talk and a testimony. I am so grateful to God for his mercies. Though something was erroneously done, it is not that much of a big deal because it can be corrected. What? You might wonder. Please don't worry because very soon you would know about it. The posts explaining everything has been written but i need to keep everything to myself for now.

So what have been up to apart from that? I have been reading and traveling and clearing up some old stuff from my house. Oh my God!! i am such a hoarder. My Goodness!! I have seen things that i bought over a year ago and have not used. I don't know how i am going to kick this habit.

Anyway as i was clearing i have discovered dresses and shoes that i had gotten and were too big for me and so many other stuff. I had given some away but i remembered that i have not done a give away in many months so i decided to have one now.

I would be giving away things that would help with one lucky person's healthy hair journey. The package consists of a pack of 12 butterfly clamps, a pack of Dark Brown Henna (to dye your hair) and a super light weight coconut hair moisturiser. It is really easy to win, you just have to answer 3 questions and be the 5th person to comment.

The questions are: 1. What year did i move to Uyo? 2. Name the last country i went to for my adventure? 3. What is my favorite color? See....easy peasy.

The competition is however open to Akwa Ibom Residents who can pick up their prize from Uyo......Sorry guys, but i won't be able to send it to people in other states this time. If you are in Calabar or anywhere and you know you would be in Uyo and can pick it up, please free to enter. If you are far away and you know a friend who is here, why not tell her to check out my blog and give her the answers so she can have a chance at winning. If she wins she would share her goodies with
I decided to add the vatika coconut oil to the giveaway so hurry up and answer the questions

This is a giveaway for guys in Akwa ibom.....the first guy to leave a meaningful comment gets this (which is used to make appletini) and two martini glasses
Giveaway closes on 29th of August, 2015
So that is all for giveaways, let me gist you about my journey into eating shawama. I am an overly picky eater and there are a 1001 things i don't like, shawarma was one of it. So when a friend begins to rave about a place where their shawarma was on point, i was tempted to try it. The fact that he said they added a bit of pepper spice to make it a bit spicy made me want to try it. So we went there and i made the guy making it adjust mine a bit. I asked for lots of pepper, less of the runny mayo thing and a bit of hotdog to my chicken shawarma. And it was ammazzziiinnnnng! I actually finished it (though it took me about 2 hours but the point is i finished it unlike previous ones where i tossed more than half in the bin). I have been there twice after that (covers face....within 10 days) though the last time i couldn't get because the guy that had always made it for me was not around so i left. I didn't want to take chances with the other person. Anyway it is fast becoming my guilty pleasure and i need to learn how to make it before i wreck my purse. What is that thing that they use to heat it up? Any idea people......
Chicken Shawarma from Apples restaurant... (I had started munching it before I remembered to take a picture)

After a long time of being talked to about this brand, i decided to join the Oriflame family.....whoop!Whoop!! Okay, take it easy guys (and you Even though i have joined, i need to understand the company and its operations a little more. I also need to review its products before i can recommend it. I definitely won't try everything but i got some things that i feel if it is great then it would be safe for me to say that most of their other products would be great too.

I got 3 perfumes, one even tone night cream, one tea tree face cream for oily skin, one eyeliner and a mascara.....

So watch out for reviews on the products i got and how to get them FROM ME o!! Don't go elsewhere

Well, that is enough rambling for one Thanks for stopping by....

Luv ya,
Petite Diva....


  1. Ha, these jamb questions are not easy oh!! But I am determined to win. First of all, I'm first to comment. does that count? I still get something abi? LOL!!

  2. You moved to Uyo in 2010. I'm getting there - slow and steady. Off to get answers for the next jamb question...

  3. Yeah!! I have all the answers now - your favourite colour is pink? :) Oh god - I pray it is pink ;)

  4. The last country you went on holiday was UAE - Dubai to be precise!

  5. And finally - comment no 5! The answers are:

    a) 2010
    b) Dubai - UAE
    c) pink

    At least I get something for all my efforts abi? ;)

    1. You are right but so late. I have given the products out when no one answered. However I have a 500g henna powder and an old spice body wash to give out if you don't mind. Please send me a mail before 13th of sept so that I can send it to you. I am about embarking on another adventure (if you know what I mean......shhhh, don't tell anyone).

    2. I am late again! Just seeing this now. *Sigh*

      Enjoy your adventure!

  6. 1. 2010
    2. Dubai
    3. Pink na.'s obvious

    1. Finally someone else joins the party! I was wondering where y'all were hiding! ;)


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