Friday, May 23, 2014


Hey guys, I hoped you all liked the last post. Sorry I can’t add too much pictures here. I decided to have all the pictures in one post so if you have not seen them, please check here. I found out I took almost 1500 pictures with both my digital camera and phone. So here is the break down of my activities during the week in Dubai.

Friday: I arrived in Dubai and slept throughout like I previously said, went to the shopping centre nearby and entered hair oil heaven. I got about 3 types of my hair oil (oils for my hair was the reason why I paid 1210 AED for extra baggage). 1 AED is 45 naira and 1 dollar is 3.66 AED, you guys can do the maths.

Saturday: I had researched on bus tours while I was in Nigeria so I was eager to join the Big Bus tour. I paid for 1 day ticket but eventually upgraded it to a 2 day Dubai tour and 1 day Abu Dhabi tour. The Big Bus tour is a hop on hop off tour just like the Red Bus tour in South Africa. It means they take you round and stop at their designated stops, if you want to come down you can. You can join the bus at any of their stops and continue the ride. You just need to keep your headphones and ticket with you all the time.  I followed the bus to the Souk Madinat Jumeirah, bought some things, then went to the Palm Jumeirah with the bus. I got down  to check out the aquarium and paid for a trip for the lost chamber tour at the lost city of Atlantis. The aquarium was made to look like as if it was really the lost city of Atlantis. I joined the bus when I was through (you join the bus at their designated bus stops and time), then off to the mall of emirates I went. That was where I did damage to myself. I blew half off my money in less than 3 hours without knowing it. It is really amazing how i save for over 6 months and i blow everything in less than 3 hours. I had so much load, I knew I could not join the bus again. I went straight to look for a taxi and went back to the hotel. And looked for something to eat and that was all.

Sunday: I joined the bus again. Stopped at the mall of emirates again, was careful and just bought a few things majorly gifts for people. Went to the Dubai mall to look, took pictures and was drawn into a candy shop bought loads of sweets in my own opinion (God help my soul). Saw a yoghurt stand and I had to try it out. I was trying to meet the next bus but I decided I would join the one that came after it. I knew that there was somewhere like it in Nigeria but it is located in Ikoyi or is it Lekki? Anyway it is too far from where I live so I probably would never go there and here I was and it was right in front of me. I was carrying bags so I asked the guy standing by the machine to help me (actually I would have asked him to help me so that I don’t take too much and have to pay a lot since I had started watching my spending). I totally enjoyed the yoghurt. It was heavenly. Next stop was Wafi mall, then Creek park then to take an Arabian dhow cruise. The dhow cruise was free for people on the Big bus tour, we entered a dhow went round the creek and listened to the history of the place, took amazing pictures and came back. After that was the spice souks, then old souks, I actually wanted to stop at these places but I couldn’t because I need to get to the Gold souk. I was asked to change some old gold pieces and knew I only had that day to get there. For those who don’t know me, I have no idea how to recognise real gold. I am as clueless as they come and I totally don’t get gold. I was trusting the people to be sincere and my mother had told me the name of a reputable gold store. So as I was going I was just praying that I located the place. When I saw it, I said ‘thank you God’. At least I was sure it would be real. I was clueless to what they were doing and was trying to meet up the last bus. I eventually missed it and had to use their metro bus. Stopped somewhere I knew and entered a taxi to the hotel. And that was the end of that day. I reached the hotel almost 7pm that day.

Monday: I ate breakfast at the coffee room of the hotel, went to get a few things at shops near the hotel, talked to a nice lady pharmacist at one of the Life Pharmacy (she was the second pharmacist I spoke to in Dubai and yes, I introduced myself as a pharmacist too). I bought something small from her just to encourage her and increase the sales. Then I went back to the hotel to wait for 3pm. Why? I was going for a desert safari trip. Whoop! Whoop!! The SUV came to pick me at my hotel, picked up other passengers at their hotel and off we went. We stopped at a shop on the way and I was able to get a Kamdora for my uncle. The desert ride in the desert was scary at first and I shouted at some point but it was really exciting after a while. My driver (his name is Abubakar of Knight Tours) was so nice. He treated me like an Arabian Princess that I am…lol. He kept asking if I was okay any time we stopped and held my hands when I was struggling to climb up on one of the dunes. We took great pictures in the desert and I begged the official photographer to take me pictures with my camera. After taking shots of me, he said my pictures are lovely and that I was photogenic (whoop! Whoop!!, Head swell! Head swell!!). We arrived at a place (supposed to be like an old house), saw camels, climbed on a camel (had a muscle pull while climbing and couldn’t shout so that i wouldn't disgrace myself), went to enjoy an Arabian dinner, watched traditional dances which included belly dancing. When the belly dancer asked ladies to join her, I jumped up even without my dinner companions asking me to do so. And I tried not to embarrass myself. When we were through, I got a lot of compliments. Apparently I was the best dancer among the ladies *Head Swell again*….lol. Then we headed back to the hotel. I had to wash every grain of sand on me and in my hair. Thank God I made this kind of hair (I did dreads with afro kinky bulk hair and almost removed it as it was itchy and I felt was not nice. My mother and friends made me leave it in.) And that was the end of Day 4.

Tuesday: This was the day for Abu Dhabi tour. We left from wafi mall and spent 2 hours on the road before we got to Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi. It is a truly beautiful mosque. I had to get the Abaya as I had forgotten my scarf in the hotel. I was annoyed at first but It turned out that leaving my scarf was actually a good thing. I wore the Abaya and recognised it as what I think Rihanna wore when she went there (Go Figure! I am a celeb now….lol). There was a free tour at 11 pm and the handsome Tour Guide (he is single but engaged! Drat that!!) took us to the areas that were not restricted and told about the history of the place. It was really a nice experience. I understood a bit about the religion of some of my friends and my family. Waited for the next bus and didn’t stop anywhere until we got to marina mall, partly because I was hungry and partly because that was where the bus taking us to Dubai would come to pick us up and I couldn’t afford to miss it. I located a fast food restaurant I recognised, ate then had energy to walk about. It was in one of the supermarket there that I saw the henna i had been looking for (for my hair which can be used on hands and feet) and quickly grabbed it. After trying to avoid being ripped off by a lost Nigerian boy (that story is for another day), the bus came. I took pictures by it and we were off to dubai. I had a nice time on the ride back gisting with a Nigerian couple. We were totally pissed with the Nigerian Leaders that we have had. We arrived in Dubai at 7:10pm and I got to my hotel by 7:30pm.

Wednesday: Since this girl was broke and had only about 200 dirhams with her, I decided to take advantage of the free ride offer that the hotel gave to Jumeirah beach. I was totally over dressed. And the only one missing out on all the fun. You see I cannot wear a bikini and I don’t know how to swim. Since I was not with friends and I didn’t see any life guards around I respected myself and stayed on land. I totally wished I could swim so now I need to find someone who can teach me how to swim urgently. That kind of situation must not happen again. I wore a short gown with knee length leggings (I eventually removed the leggings and felt funny, like I was naked). However later a family came and the ladies (the mum and daughter) wore trousers and shirts to swim so I didn’t feel so overdressed again. While waiting for the hotel’s bus to come and pick us up I encountered my Arabian toaster. I was stunned when he slowed down his car and asked for my number, I actually smiled and thought that was it. Then I saw him turn his car and waited for me, so what did I do? I gave him of course. I thought at least it would be nice to have an Arabian friend but he turned out to be someone looking for a one night stand. How did I know? I promise to tell you in another post.
Thursday: I watched T.V all through, went out later in the evening to eat. It was supposed to be a meet up with my Arabian toaster but I found out about his unholy intention and he cancelled when I wouldn’t play ball. I bought some more oils (the reason why I had 9kg extra). Then went back to the hotel.
Friday: Departure day, ate breakfast at the coffee room and talked with a Nigerian man who was just arriving that morning from Hong Kong (he was married by the way) and wanted me to change my flight date and stay back. We talked about the issues between doctors and pharmacists in Nigeria. Then I went to my room to wait for the taxi/bus to take me to the airport. Got to the airport and was seriously praying that my load would not be overweight and heard I had to pay over 2000 dirhams for 17kg extra, I was stunned as I had no money again. I removed some and packed it as carry on luggage but I still had to pay 1210 dirhams. That was when my mother came to my rescue (again!) and sent me the money, I paid but was unhappy that I had to collect money from her again.
So now I am back and I am absolutely glad I went. Some things didn’t go according to my plans but I know that everything is working out for good. Hey, I got a lot of inspiration for some posts and my instagram page has been getting a lot of hits because of the pictures I put up. Maybe this would be my big break in blogging….lol.

Thanks for stopping by and reading this long post. Watch this space for my entry on my Arabian toaster and the lost Nigerian boy that I literally ran away from at Marina Mall, Abu Dhabi.
Luv ya, 
Petite Diva.


  1. Ahahahahahahaha @ "the lost Nigerian boy i ran away from" Drama Queen. Welcome back. i wont even ask if you had fun cos your pictures all said you did. USA can go take a dip in the Mediterranean sea (^_^). More of Asia and Africa

    1. He was lost na. Don't worry the full gist is coming up soon. Thank you, i had loads of fun. Yes o, USA can jump and drown in the Mediterranean


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