Saturday, April 26, 2014


Hey guys, I know I have been a bit erratic in posting articles this month but y’all know what I have been up to lately. Anyway I am back for a while but I would soon be missing in action again. I would soon embark on my annual leave and I can’t wait. 

As you know, US decided in their mind that I am not worthy of stepping into their country (for now!) but that does not mean that I am not going somewhere. Even if it is to go to Ghana, or Lagos bar beach, I intend (by God’s Grace) to enjoy myself this leave period and oh, try to read too. I have to say a big thank you to all my peeps that were angry on my behalf about the whole visa issue. You guys are the bomb. I got some suggestions to go to places like Zanzibar, morocco and the likes. And I think they sound and look like wonderful places. I have seen pictures of Zanzibar, morocco and turkey and I think they are beautiful. I would research on how to go there and start a savings plan so that I can afford to go to these places. 

I have officially decided started a travel fund, education fund and a wedding/marriage fund and home repairs or acquisition fund (or better yet savings account). I know right? I am strange but I think after seeing that saving for my travels worked, I think it would be better I spread my savings so that even when I want to do something I won’t use up all my money on one item. I hope my plan sounds like a cool one. Oh well, let’s see how it goes. It is all in God’s Hands.

So I read an article on a 100 days happy challenge in which people upload pictures of one item that makes them happy on instagram. Funny days before I read the article I was thinking of uploading a picture everyday of what I call my 'simple pleasure'. To me, these are things big or small that makes me smile or happy. It could be a drink or food or snack or clothes or item or bible verse. It could be anything. I think I would join the challenge in May, a brand new month, a brand new look on life.

I recently got a Ghanaian movie called ‘THE CONTRACT’. It has officially become my second best Ghanaian movie. I saw the movie while getting one of my simple pleasures in life (Pepsi), I didn’t even have enough money to get it but the guy in the supermarket told me I could take it and bring the money later since he knew me. I was actually interested in it because of the story line and the main actress, Yvonne Okoro. She was also in my best Ghanaian movie, THE GAME and I also follow her on instagram. 

So I got home, put in my computer and didn’t regret watching the movie for over 2 hours. It was incredible. And Yvonne was the producer so you can imagine, the film was tight for an African film. She was able to get some companies to sponsor the movie. Even before I saw the credits which stated that i was right, it was obvious. The products of the companies/hotel were carefully interwoven with the story line. It was a very nice job. But, there is always a but with me. I noticed that the lead actress had the same hair and same nail polish colour for 9 months. How come na? That detail skipped their mind? For 9 months, the hair was still the same and intact? Naaaaaaa, I don’t buy that. However it was a cool movie.

I have to go now. Can you imagine? I am on call and the wire connection to the lights and fan are not working so I am presently in the dark. I don’t know what is going to happen right now. Oh well, the worst thing that can happen is that I would leave my intern and go home.

Thanks for stopping by.

Luv ya,
Petite Diva…..

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