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I just read this article on linda ikeji,s blog and the comments that followed was telling of what the power of having a good name/integrity can do. Please continue to read, i would let you know what i think.

Is it over with P-Square?

I've been hearing a few stories about Peter and Paul Okoye of P-Square having issues for a while now. I hear they disagree on everything now...songs, videos, ideas etc...but because they are twin brothers, I figured well, they will sort things I didn't write.

On Wednesday April 16th, I gathered exclusively from industry sources that the brothers fought each other physically during rehearsals. They had to be separated by their dancers. This is fact! But I decided to leave the story alone because which sibling doesn't disagree sometimes, right? But now their older brother, Jude Okoye, who is also their manager, just tweeted that after ten years he's done.

I hear one of the wives is causing some of the problems between the brothers. *sigh* Dear P-Square, don't even think of breaking up. You will break the hearts of millions of people...including myself. Please stay together.


What i want to talk about is the part where it was said that one of their wives is causing the problem. I am not a fan per se of the twin brothers but i appreciate that they have always tried to put their best foot forward and changed a lot of things in the Nigerian music industry. It is amazing that a woman is now causing problems with brothers that shared the same womb at the same time. They came from the same zygote sef.

Lord knows and should forgive me but when i saw that 'one of the wives' was causing the problem, the name of one of them came to my mind instantly. I had read a lot of comments about her and the issues that her relationship with one of the brothers had caused. Reading the comments of readers showed that everyone was thinking just like me.

Which brings me to the statement i made earlier. A good name is far better than all the riches in the world. I don't know if she used to do all that she is claimed she used to do but i however feel that she does not do them again. But people have refused to forget about the past and still judge her based on that.

It is amazing that brothers are now fighting each other because their wives (or rather one of their wives) seem to be creating problems. Whoever is causing the problem is in my own opinion is a very bad person. You should not cause problems between brothers. If you don't agree with some things that happen shut your mouth.. As long as your family is not affected, don't interfere. It is their business, they would sort it out. They have been doing it for years. Now that they are about to part ways, i wonder how the family members would feel. I hope the both of them (the wives) know they married ibo men. It is not that easy to separate them from their kinsmen. A word is enough for the wise.

And guys, please no matter what it might cost you, learn to walk in a way that your name when mentioned shall be synonymous with intergrity.

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