Wednesday, March 6, 2013


I know you all know that my birthday was on the 4th of March and Men! I had a nice day. I didn’t have a big celebration or anything but I had fun and I accomplished the first dream I had for this year.

I have always wanted to give to motherless babies on my birthday for years now. I had imagined how much I would give for so long. So last year I was led to give and to give away a very large sum of amount (at least to me). I had 2 options of the set of people I would give to, after a lot of internal wrangling I decided to give to the kids.

I wanted to give things that they need but people don’t usually remember to give. I don’t have a car and I was a bit worried on how I would get the items from the market. However God took control, he has blessed me with such an independent spirit and the ability to plan things ahead of time. I took it one step and one day at a time. Went to the different sections that I needed to go to each day or when I could and I was able to get public transportation in the form of tricycles to help me get the goods home. I also had 2 friends help me to take the items to the orphanage.

I normally won’t let people know that I did this but after inspiring 3 of my friends to also give on their birthdays I just feel that I could inspire more people by writing up on it. And maybe some of you that are inspired can inspire others and we can set a 'giving on our birthdays' thing rolling.....hmmm, that is a nice thought. 

I have always had a giving spirit and it always seem amazing to me when people act funny when it comes to giving. I once saw someone pray over a small amount of money she wanted to give a patient who was stranded after using all her money to buy drugs. The patient had thought the ATM machine would dispense cash and she would have transport money to go home but to her dismay it didn’t. So she asked for the little amount. When I saw what happened, I was sad because if I was the one, I would have given her without blinking or thinking about it. I know people in Nigeria can be fetish but this was a patient that just bought drugs worth a lot, you just had to know that she was not lying. I have always said that when I give with a clean and free heart and you want to use what I give you in a bad way against me, your actions would boomerang on you. That is because there is no way that God would not protect me from anybody’s bad intentions.

Anyway, how I felt about that situation was right because about 15 minutes later the patient came back and returned the money. Apparently as she was leaving she noticed the ATM paying people and was able to collect some money. She came back and was praying for the person that gave her the money. Personally if I was the one that gave her the money and did that, I would have felt bad but then again people are different.

Lately I have found out that people give with the intention of getting something in return and I think that is a warped mentality. For instance, how can someone say that because I didn’t give him a chance that is why he didn’t get a birthday gift for me or when I ask a guy friend that he should pay for a course I would soon take, the reply I got was ‘I promised myself that I won’t send money to any single pretty girl’.  I was pretty disappointed in both of my friends not because I needed the gift or the money but because it just showed that their giving habit needs to be reviewed.

I am such a person that doesn’t think of receiving when I give materially or emotionally however I know that when I need help, God would send the best helpers that I need and they would help me achieve my goals. This is not a belief based on just talk or faith alone; it is based on what I have seen happen in my life. So despite the fact that I have seen that people are not gifted in that area it doesn’t discourage me at all. I have learnt from Apostle Paul that not everyone is blessed with the gift of giving. I am just glad that I think I was blessed with that gift. So if I give you a big gift tomorrow it is not because I am expecting something from you, it is because the spirit to give has descended on me and I have decided to obey.

I know I might have yapped a lot but the essence of this write up is to inspire people to give. I get a serious high when I give. After dropping the items at the orphanage and seeing the kids and the joy on the faces of their caretakers and proprietor, I got a buzz that lasted throughout the day. I can actually say I had the best birthday ever in my adulthood. I couldn’t have done better. Giving that day has inspired me to do more, to go out there and achieve my dreams. No more writing of dreams in my dream book and not doing anything about it. It also made me think of the way I have been in my relationships.

 I have decided that I have too many things to do that I can’t afford to be anybody’s side chick again (that is a term for the 2nd fiddle girlfriend) or someone that is being used for any guy’s selfish purpose. I am going to be too busy for that. It has also made me know that I am going to have to cut some people and things out of my life. I have a clearer focus of my purpose in life and have seen that some people and things I do have no use in helping me achieve that. I might offend some people but then I am getting too old to be dragging my feet in this life. THINGS HAVE JUST GOT TO GO!!

I am sorry it is a long post but I guess I got carried away. I would post pictures of the items I took to the orphanage later. I couldn’t take pictures at the place because the children were preparing for school. I took cake and drinks to work and shared with as much people as I remembered. And……drumroll please……I ordered a pretty expensive ring with my birthstones from a US based online shop and 2 Maybelline superstay lip gloss as a birthday present to myself. The items were supposed to arrive some days before my birthday but it didn’t. I was fuming already but I guess they wanted to surprise me because it arrived on birthday. A perfect birthday present……..yay!

I gotta go. Watch out for the pictures and I really hope I didn’t bore anybody but I was able to inspire somebody.

Luv ya,
An Older Petite Diva…..

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