Thursday, November 15, 2012


So this morning, as I applied my make up I noticed just two very insignificant bumps that were disappearing and I just had to say a prayer of thanks for the fact that my face is 99.8% free of pimples. For those who know me, It would be a surprise that I am practically free from acne. For as long as I can remember, okay from age 15 or so I have been affected either seriously by acne. And as if that is not enough to handle, I have some major issues with my oil glands. It produces oil like it is an oil well or something, it is crazy.

My face is never dry or matte should be the right word, oh yeah! It is matte just after I have applied powder but give it 30 minutes to 1 hour and my face is shiny like a frying pan with oil. and the other issue with my face is that it is mega sensitive. I use facial products with utmost care. In September I just applied a very tiny amount of Vaseline intensive’s cocoa butter that I use on my body for 2 days and you should have since the major breakouts. It was terrible!

It won’t be such a worry for me if all I had to deal with was acne because I know it would eventually go or the oily face (recently found out that people with oily face look younger than their ages because it appears to age at a slower rate than other skin……that is good news for when I am older *winks) but my face also scars easily. I know I have a nasty, very nasty habit of touching my face and picking my pimples but I had tried not picking or touching my face when I had some zits and it still scarred!

However like I said my face is almost zit free but not scar free (short of bleaching or chemical peel I don’t know how to get rid of the scars), so I decided I should share my facial regimen with you guys incase there is anybody out there that is experiencing some serious acne. I am not saying you should follow my regimen or use the products I use but I think it can help someone find their own regimen.

 Here is my acne bursting regimen:

From L to R: Beauty Formula's Facial Scrub, Clean and clear Blackhead Eraser, Beauty Formula's Oil control wash and Green Close up

  • Every morning I wet my face and use a very mild facial scrub and leave it for a while before I wash it off while having my bath. I use clean and clear’s blackhead eraser right now but I have used Neutrogena’s scrub (can’t remember the name right now but that seems to be a very good scrub) and beauty formula’s oil control facial scrub. The difference between these scrubs and others like the apricot scrub is that it have very tiny/fine granules that won’t irritate blemish prone skins so are better in helping to remove dead cells. 
  • Wash my face with mild toilet soap or an oil control facial cleanser. I heard that African black soap is wonderful in taking of skin issues so I should be switching to my family’s favorite soap (as soon as I am through with my present soap).

  • Soak a cotton ball with a toner and clean my face. Right now I am using clean and clear’s deep cleaning astringent but I also have Noxzema astringent which I have used for years. These astringents have 2% salicylic acid which might be a little strong for some people but it is perfect for me. Salicylic acid is effective in taking care of acne. There are other astringents with less alcohol and salicylic acid so you need to find out which works for you without causing damage to your skin.
  • I apply  a small amount of 10% benzoyl peroxide lotion afterwards, the brand I presently use is clearex 10.

That is all I do in the mornings, in the night I try to make sure that I never sleep with my make-up on (there are exceptions when I am on night call, I don’t wash my face then) and I clean my face with an astringent.

I have to say this though, doing all these for a few days or weeks and relenting won’t take care of your acne. Trust me I know, my face became clear when I started following my regimen consistently. You have to follow through for months even when you face is clear.

So how do I keep my oil away from my face? I don’t! I have no idea how to prevent my face from shining (especially at work). I am currently trying something that has helped in keeping it matte for up to 5 hours but I need up to 8 hours without any further application of powder.

Here is my oil blotting/suspending regimen:

Oil free moisturizer
Oil Mattifier

  • After applying the benzoyl peroxide, I apply a cream called Shirley. Don’t know what is inside or how it works but I know my mum used to use it on her face alone when I was younger and her acne scars cleared up. 
  • I then apply a very light coating of an oil free moisturizer, I am using beauty formula brand. 
  • I apply a generous amount of an oil mattifier from Mary Kay brand but I am on the lookout for other brands. I would love to get an oil free primer too (it has been said to help reduce the shine). 

So there you have it folks, my beauty routine in full. However the best thing i noticed  that helps is scrubbing, washing, toning and leaving my face free of any make up. I like days when I don’t have to do anything on my face and just let my skin breathe.

Oh! By the way, I also try to apply a facial mask at least once a month (it should be once or twice a week but I am so lazy with that part). I use egg white and tissue paper or Mary kay’s clarifying mask. And I also use close up green toothpaste on those painful big zits to try and hasten their disappearance (yes! I said toothpaste. It has been known to work and it does work but not for all types of acne).
Mary Kay's Clarifying mask

Hope you ladies (and some guys) learnt a bit from my acne bursting regimen and find something helpful. Please if you have any questions, just write them in the comments options and I would be sure to answer to the best of my abilities.

Luv ya,

Petite Diva.

P.S: I have added new pages to my blog, you can check out the archives page for previous posts, pictures for various crazy pictures that I would upload and the video page. The blog is still in progress but I am happy with how far I have come. I hope you guys like it though.


  1. I use a clean and clear scrubs ND I must say dat the black heads has actually reduced. Rite naw I use a clean ND clear facial cleanser ND it also has a toner in it. Can I still use a toning cream?

    1. I believe you can. It would replace the moisturizer... Sorry for the late response.

  2. Where did you buy your clearex 10 and how much?

    1. I used to get it from pharmacies or supermarkets at a cost of 500-600 naira but i believe it was scarce for a while so i guess the price may be a bit more expensive now.

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    The lotion lotion that takes away my Pimples is Clearex10 but I can't seem to find it anywhere anymore.


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