Saturday, November 3, 2012


Hey Guys, for a few weeks I would be trying to tweak my blog to a world class one. I am not a tech geek but I have been following a hair blog that is fab ( The blog owner was gracious enough to share some of her blogging tips. While I am still trying to find out how most of the programs/software work, I am willing to learn.

So guys please bear with me, I might not be able to write for a while but when I get my blog to where I can considering my lack of knowledge it should be a blog that you would always want to visit.

On to another news, I was playing around with Picasa (a tool that the Jeni of justgrowalready uses) and discover that I can convert my pictures into a movie with audio……Whoop! Whoop!! Mega Whoop!!! I am so freakingly excited but I want to check if I can upload it on my blog. So today would be another test run day. Let’s hope I am able to upload it .

Here goes:

My Birthday pictures in final year, undergraduate days.

Pictures on the day before passing out of NYSC

OMG! It worked. I am going to upload 2 videos and see if I can view it after publishing it. Okay, Let me preview it. It seems to be working, Thank God. 

Oh! By the way, i just selected any song on my laptop (couldn't see the name), hope you don't mind......

I gotta go. I need to tweak the blog right now. Folks, wish me luck......*Fingers crossed.

Luv ya,
Petite Diva.


  1. Oh My God!!! I absolutely loved it. Well done girl *applauding* I have gotta learn it too. I'm coming to you for assistance ^_^ ....So jealous and happy LOL

  2. @ Fatum, Yay!! I am glad u loved it. I am not through yet, would definitely change some things but i feel like a guru now How r u? How is Aisha?


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