Sunday, March 11, 2012


I am a tiny size 4 and I am finally beginning to appreciate my body. I have never been satisfied with the way I look. I have always wanted to be bigger, taller and curvier. I wanted to be able to step into a place and turn heads.

I guess my displeasure at my frame has caused some of my previous insecurities. However lately I have had to appreciate my structure. What happened? I decided to appreciate what I have and werk(work) with. I have decided to follow my fashion instincts and dress how i like. I don’t have a common figure so I need to get things that work for me. I would never be able to follow the trend so I need to set the trend. If I look good and feel good in it then it is for me.

As my confidence builds up I have had some guys appreciate my structure. I don’t really understand what the attraction is all about but I won’t lie, I love the attention. I know I am not show stopping but I intend to feel good about myself no matter what!

While I seem to be bugging about my frame, I noticed that people/ladies that I think are perfect are bugging about their shape too. And I am like 'can we women ever be satisfied with our shape?'.

If my galfriends are not complaining about their tummies (I happen to have a flat tummy, a friend calls it a sexy tummy……lol. An ex called it a ‘6 pack abs’), their legs, arms or skin, they must find a fault with their weight and I am always like ‘what in the world is wrong with this chick?’ You are perfect the way you are and the guys love you the way you are.

However I understand that as females we are not satisfied with our shape and would find something to complain about. But the sooner we learn that we are perfect the way we are the better for us. I have had to understand that I am unique. No one can be like me! I am specially made. Customized! I have Cinderella feet, I have a baby voice, I weigh less than a big bag of rice but that is what makes me unique.

I have got a great shape that I have got to werk and boy! I would werk it like there is no tomorrow. I love tight fitting jeans and pencil/straight skirts because it brings out my curves and I love belts because it accentuates my small waist and shows off my hips. Why am I trying to say with this? It is that my dress sense might get a little bit wild now. People, i said wild not crazy ok? I am not a fashionista but I would try to work the roads like it is my personal runaway……lol.

What this article is all about is that we ladies have to appreciate our shapes. It was given to us by God so learn to work it out, girl! You are Faaaaaaabulous!!! Kimora Lee Simmons would say ‘FABULOUSITY’…. Live in the Fab lane, girls. I am already there.

Gotta go folks. Hope you enjoyed the article. Remember to use a computer.

Luv ya,
Petite Diva.

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