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Hallelujah! I have finally been able to get an internet connection that I can afford and has coverage where I stay. I have been busy lately. I will be sure to let you know everything about it. However let me continue with my nysc camp story. Hope you enjoy it.

On getting to camp at about 2 pm that day, the camp officials at the gate insisted that we all opened our baggage so that they could check the contents. They were apparently looking for sharp objects, irons and heating materials. With that done, I dragged my box to where registration was starting. That was so stressful. Just imagine me, a very tiny lady dragging a mighty box (I always pack heavily, both necessary and unnecessary items).

I started the registration both at the main area and at the camp clinic pharmacy since I am a pharmacist. I don’t know if I can say that was a smart thing on my part as it became my own undoing because I was in for the time of my life with that pharmacy. I got to meet the first doctor that arrived at camp also known as the chief medical doctor (CMD) in a previous batch of corps members (though I didn’t know then) and also met the CMD that I was going to work with. Oh! Did I mention I was the first pharmacist to register which made me the Chief pharmacist?

I got to know the hostel and bed I was supposed to stay in for 3 weeks and quickly went to continue the registration. I didn’t finish until the next day when I even got into a bit of trouble thanks to the CMD and my lack of knowledge. I changed into my white shorts and shirt which was what we were to wear most of the time in camp. The kit I was given did not fit but I knew it won’t so I had come prepared with my own.

I worked in the pharmacy all day with the meager drugs we were given and was seriously praying for another pharmacist to come to my rescue. He finally came at the end of the day and promised to resume the next day.

He eventually came but was late; however it was better late than never. So I had a bit of free time when he behaved and stayed on duty. I however had gotten too used to the clinic surroundings and gotten close to some doctor guys so was practically at the clinic all the time.

I got especially close to a particular guy within the clinic corps staff and people thought that there was more to our friendship than it appeared to be.

I probably should continue with the camp life and the fact the waking up ay 3am/ 4am to have my bath with cooollld water was not my thing or that standing or jogging on the parade ground at 5am was annoying or the fact that I had to work from 5am till 2pm if I was on duty in the clinic was ridiculous or also the fact that I worked from the 2nd day I entered camp to the last day but I might not. Why? You might ask; I want to write on the friendship that I had with the guy I mentioned.

So expect a ‘full load down’ on my feelings about it. A lot of things have been occurring lately between us that I think I should write about it. This will be me being true to myself for me, myself and I. People might not like it but I have one life and I am going to live it the way I think is best.

I happen to have been in platoon 2, not actively though but the important people in the platoon knew that I belonged there. I also made some friends (not a lot) while in camp like my bunk mate, ‘side’ bunk mates and majority of the camp clinic corps staff. However due to my ever present face in the clinic; a lot of Nysc staff and corps members knew me. I keep on meeting people who greet me and I have no clue who they are.

I got close to the clinic head to the surprise of a lot of people but she reminds me of my mum and my last employer. It baffled them on how we can be close. So what! If we are close, somebody sue me!!

Like about 8 days to the end of camp I eventually got to meet a third pharmacist. She didn’t know that she was to report to the pharmacy. However I was glad for the fact that there was a third hand which meant shorter hours to work and more time to play/sleep.

Some activities that always seem to have an impact in the minds of corps members that we also did were the endurance trek, variety night with Miss Nysc and Mr. Macho as highlights, cooking competition and camp night (which I didn’t fully partake in any of them).

On the 26th of July, members of the medical team were taken on a field trip to Nigerian Maritime Academy by a prominent pharmacist in Akwa-Ibom. She owns TopCare pharmacies in the state. We were treated to a variety of delicacies known to the indigenes of Akwa-Ibom.

Camp came to a close on the 27th of July. As usually the ladies in my hostel room couldn’t wait to leave camp. They woke up by 2am and made sure no one else could sleep. We had a prayer session thanking God for our stay and putting our future into his hands. I was extremely grateful to God that we didn’t have any casualty with any corps member and Nysc official in the camp.

Camp came to a close with a match past/parade, a speech I didn’t listen to by the way and the handing out of posting letters.

The posting letter I received gave me the shock of my life. That story is for another day. I might not write on it soon as I would probably write about my friendship (or past friendship) with that guy.

I know that you all want to know all the details about that. So watch this blog regularly for the story. I might just put up the ‘no holds barred’ write up on sooner than you think. It would involve me writing from my heart, soul and mind. People would be shocked and attitudes hopefully changed.

Hope to see you soon.
Kisses from the Petite Diva.

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