Friday, June 16, 2017


Okay, where do I start? I have been the definition of annoying lately. I just abandoned my blog and you guys for donkey years. There is no real excuse weeeellllll……..except for the fact that I have been super lazy and there was really no one to encourage me to write until a couple of days ago.

So how have you been? I know that life has been crazy for majority of you. Life has been…..not too crazy for me. I finally got my master’s degree….Bless the Lord. I am back in Nigeria (still a bit sad that I am back especially when there is no electricity…It is so annoying) and I am about to start a new adventure.

I really did not feel inspired to start writing again until I talked with a friend. She was curious as to why I had stopped writing on the blog and unknowingly gave me the biggest motivation I could ever need. Being a blogger is not easy especially with crappy network, lack of stable power supply and a laptop that doesn’t want to connect to my WiFi modem (Lord, I need a brand new laptop. Maybe I should include it in my #HallelujahChallenge request). She said she got a hair protein (steaming) treatment technique from my blog, taught it to her local hair stylist and now the hair stylist recommends and charges 1000 naira from her clients! You guys! I was ‘shoke’ (like the Americans would say). She said the lady used to charge 300 naira but with the technique I wrote about, she was able to charge more. I couldn’t believe that what I had written has been able to increase revenue and knowledge for someone I have never met. I am still astounded. And I always thought that my content was not useful. Therefore I have decided that I would be including a lot of ‘Do it yourself’ content. Who knows if someone could build a brand from my content?
Luscious and Cookie
So what have you guys been doing? What TV series are you following? Lately I have been checking out Youtube clips of Empire. My Goodness, I love Cookie. I don’t know where I have been all these years. I know. I never follow trends and with school, I decided that I didn’t want to watch television so that I don’t get distracted. Back to Empire, Cookie and Luscious……whaaaattttt? I want some of Cookie’s fire and I need me a good Luscious (because we all know that Luscious is evil at times). Can someone tell me why Jussie Smollet is Gay? Like hmmmm, the brother is fiiiinnnnneeee. Oh well….

What else have I been up to? I have been turning my ‘cheap ass’ life into a business. My Love for ‘Do it yourself’ and product formulation is slowly and hopefully turning into a business and possibly an international brand. I would write about this venture in future posts (I had better write more. I paid $15 to for my domain name so my money had better not go to waste).

To find out more about my products, you can check out my business handle on Instagram or on facebook which is @handmadebypetitediva. I am about to offer some samples at a highly discounted price so hurry up and follow the pages and don’t be left out of this revolution…lol.
Free samples....Limited offer

Thanks for stopping by…

Luv ya,
Petite Diva

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