Monday, September 5, 2016


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Hiya Folks, it seems that i keep coming back then put on a disappearing act again. I wrote my last post with the intention of writing frequently but then life got the better of me. I was so busy with my dissertation and some small jobs that i do. How have you guys been? Has anyone been checking up on me? I am so disappointed that no one left a comment (except some spammers). Did i pursue all my readers?.....#crying

So what has been happening in my life? To the glory of God i have finally finished my masters program. I submitted my dissertation in August and by God's grace i didn't have a resit for any course (by God's grace i won't have any issues with my dissertation). My masters program was really tough. But i believe it was because i was not used to the system and i had too many personal issues during the year. Did i enjoy it? I really can't give a definite answer. Some days i hated it especially when i felt like i was the dumbest person in the class. And some days i enjoyed it when i was learning something new and interesting. Would i do it again? I would say 'not really'. I know that there was a reason i was meant to come to the UK to pursue my masters program but honestly i am yet to see it. I gave up so many things for it. However since i serve a great God who causes everything to happen for my good, i am trusting him to reveal all that he has planned for me. I know it is going to completely blow my mind.

Okay, enough ranting about my studies. I can't wait to get back to my regularly scheduled program aka posts. I hope you are all ready for a great time. P.S: I think i need to take up blogging and website lessons so that my blog is on point. People are making serious  money from blogging.

That is all for now guys. Thanks for stopping by.

Luv ya,
Petite Diva

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